Quickie: James Guardino

It’s amazing that we’ve never featured James Guardino on Manhunt Daily before. As soon as I set my eyes on him, my immediate thought was, “Damn, our readers will love this guy!” Actually, my immediate thought was, “This man’s dick should be inside of me right now”, but let’s just stick to the important details.

There’s not an inch of this man’s body that I wouldn’t lick. From his kissable lips to those powerful thighs, he’s the kind of guy who you want to tie down in bed so he can never escape. Not that we’ve ever done that or anything. Because that’d be totally creepy, right?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Idris & Tony

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21 thoughts on “Quickie: James Guardino

  1. he has already been responsible for a lot of perspiration and he just keeps on getting better. Triple yummy.

  2. I didn’t know there was any other reason for the International Male and Undergear Catalogs than to look at him. I purchased the cheapest pair I could buy just to keep the catalogs coming for several years! He’s dang sexy!

  3. Wow. Finally get to seem him again. I remember him when he was the face of Freshpair. Cannot get enough of him.

  4. I’ve had a huge crush on this guy since the first time I saw him in the IM catalog!

  5. Geezus! I nearly fell backwards in my chair! He sorta looks like this guy Im seeing off and on. More off then on. I like the off button. Holy crap! I guess everyone DOES have a twin somewhere. I wish I could find mine!

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