Quickie: Isaiah Rojas

Can we take a moment to talk about brown eyes? Folks are always obsessing over blue, green and hazel eyes, and it’s always bothered us that brown eyes aren’t considered “beautiful” by the mainstream media. Sure, there are a few songs written about the topic, but let’s just cut the bullshit. Some people have pretty eyes. And it doesn’t matter what color they are.

This rant was partially inspired by Dylan Rosser‘s model Isaiah Rojas, who just so happens to have some really striking brown eyes. Of course, that may not be the first feature you notice next to his sculpted torso and traffic-stopping booty! From what we’ve heard, there are some full-frontal shots on Rosser’s site The Male Form. Is there any possibility that the front is as awesome as the back? If so, this man is fucking perfect.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dylan Rosser

To check out more pictures of Isaiah, follow the JUMP:

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65 thoughts on “Quickie: Isaiah Rojas

  1. Holy. Shit. He is pure masculine perfection. His eyes are completely mesmerizing, and that ass is a work of art.

  2. isaiah = “sex on wheels.”

    and, once again, brother D, thanks for attempting to promote diversity and acceptance (although, obviously, it’s a lost cause with the viewer•ship of this here blog).

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