Will Ryan James Yezak’s “HIAM” Vid Be Better Than Brit’s?

If you can sit through Ryan James Yezak‘s fan-made video for “Hold It Against Me” without regurgitating your lunch, then congratulations–you are the gayest human being ever. And we don’t necessarily mean that as an insult. I mean, hello! We have a pretty “gay” tendency to sit on penises. But this is on a whole other level of gayness. Like, gayer than Elton John sprinkling glitter on Johnny Weir.

We’ve come to expect this from Mr. Yezak, based on his previous “parodies” of Ke$ha, Katy Perry and… ugh, Katy Perry. Why should we expect any different when he’s putting his own trademark, uber-homosexual twist on Britney Spears?

Alas, the weirdest part about his latest piece is that he downplays the actual gay factor–in the sense that there are fewer sexy male dancers–yet somehow manages to turn out an even gayer product. In the words of Lizzy Caplan‘s character in Mean Girls, he’s truly out-gayed himself. And that may even be an understatement.

On a brighter side, male model Keith Angell (pictured above) plays the love interest in this clip. This would be much more exciting if he kissed a dude at the video’s grand finale, but we’ll take what we can get… Oh, and do you want to see some more shirtless pics of Keith? Of course you do! Head over here to check ’em out.

– Dewitt

To watch Ryan James Yezak’s “Hold It Against Me”, follow the JUMP:

10 thoughts on “Will Ryan James Yezak’s “HIAM” Vid Be Better Than Brit’s?

  1. i thought he did a great job….yes it was less gay…but video wise it was pretty good….keith angell is really pretty hot…and donna hood looks hot too hehe i wouldnt mind taking them both ehhe

  2. Dunno about this guy – however You guys should take a look at this kid – he may have been featured on here before, but he makes really great covers of current pop hits – and his cover of Hold it Against Me was amazing. And hes a little cutie. Still trying to determine his homo/hetero status. Please check it out.


  3. Gay video… really? I really didn’t find it all that gay, if anything the scantily clad voluptuous women with size zero waist really plays to the heterosexual fan base… Really, straight frat boys are gayer than this vid… er bad example, either way, I don’t really see this video as all that gay.

  4. This is SUPER gay.
    I would like more boys doing the faggy dancing, I find it kinda hot (is this weird? who cares)

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