Quickie: Eric Bélanger

Duh. You don’t have to look twice to figure out why we’re drooling over Eric Bélanger. From that scruffy face to his thick bush (nuzzled underneath his solid abs), this guy’s got sex written all over him. Scratch that! We want to write “sex” all over him. With our jizz.

Lewd comments aside, it seems like Bélanger will have a promising career in the “looking majorly hot in pictures” industry. Then again, he may want to choose a pseudonym, so people don’t get him confused with the similarly named hockey player.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

To check out more pictures of Eric Bélanger, follow the JUMP:

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(via Homotography)

23 thoughts on “Quickie: Eric Bélanger

  1. Nice body, nice face.  But he’s trying too hard to look natural.  And he’s got the same “Blue Steel” look on his face in all his pics.

  2. omgosh. that beau got all of the right tools in the right place.. me is HARD!!! MEOW!!!!!! i need that in my life right now i could lick,eat and ride that bone of his ALL NITE LONG…. very, very delicious.

  3. hottie…keep the scruff and shave that fucking bush…if i wanted bush i’d be a republican…

  4. Men have hair there. Go back to your pre-pubescent boy fantasies and STF up.

  5. OMFG!
    If this guy had at least a little chest hair he’d be a perfect 10… By now he’s a 9.9999 😉

  6. Nature evloved the pubic bush for two purposes: first to draw attention to our genital area and then to provide cushioning during sex.  I’ve had a fetish for a thick, dark pubic bush for as long as I can remember. Remember how proud you were when you started growing pubic hair? I can’t understand why guys shave down below. First of all, who has the time to do all that shaving or trimming? Secondly, it doesn’t make your cock look larger; it makes your cock look like a pre-pubescent boy.
    I’ve noticed a lot of models have started showing a hint of pubic hair extending outside their underwear/pants. This seems to be a hot trend that definitely gains the attention of male and females consumers.
    To me, the hottest picture is the before the jump shot with all that pubic hair showing and his arm raised so you can see his hairy underarm. Again, another show of masculinity. I think the pubic hair showing sets him aside from other models’ pictures and makes him look more manly. The scruffy beard doesn’t hurt either.
    Give me pubic hair any day. In my opinion, it makes any boy or man look more manly.

  7. so do twats…go for it…n u shut the fuck up asshole…like what u like n i will do the same…fuck…thats what its all about…the man is HOT but shave the bush…n if u like eating hair go for it…n if u have farther comments i dont care asswipe…move on

  8. read the comment dick..i like the man…he is HOTT …can u read?…and am i gay?…what a fucking stupid remark…and the same to u…like what u like and i will do the same…any farther comments from u i dont care about…go in a corner and jack off…thats about all u can get…

  9. great intelligent comment…enjoy…as for me less hair is better…like cock not spitting hair…

  10. There is a WHOLE lot of hotness going on in those pics. Pity there wasn’t a bit more visible hotness below the waist however…or even an underwear shot with some bulge.  Throw me a boner over here.

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