Quickie: Dylan Kozyra

Just look at this face! With those wolf-like eyes, it looks like Dylan Kozyra should be cast in the next Twilight movie. What’s that you say? There are only three Twilight movies, and the last one’s already wrapped up production? Well, fuck that! They should write a fourth one that involves a hardcore sex scene between this guy and Taylor Lautner.

Or they could just cast him in the sequel to Twinklight, because there’s no doubt about whether he’d fit in with the rest of the cast. Mmm, those six pack abs sure would look good with a thick load of cum all over them… who’s willing to volunteer and make it happen?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Ryan Wibawa

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16 thoughts on “Quickie: Dylan Kozyra

  1. Hmm, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get the photo’s of this dude to load, so I googled the name…VERY CUTE!

  2. to me he’s much better looking with the shorter hair cut….don’t usually go for blue eyes but his are definately pretty.

  3. There are additional Twilight movies in development; the next is tentatively titled “Breaking Dawn” and may begin shooting this fall.

  4. Don’t like the short hair. Why do guys all want to look ‘generic’ as though they’re in the army? Nice nipples though.

  5. Nice body, WAY too much of a baby face, I would feel like a chicken hawk doin him. I like my men a bit more on the rugged side.

  6. particularly like the last pic with him in the brick red underwear. Very hot. Maybe he does have a baby face and maybe he is a bit young for me but as long as he is legal, I would do him.

  7. OMG…what more could anyone say that hasn’t been already said…perfect across the board. love that s-m-o-o-t-h body…yum!

  8. Doesn’t really do much for me but, imo, definitely better looking with short hair, much less of a “girlie” look.

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