Quickie: Derek Atlas

Sometimes you just want to look at pictures of a hot guy with a big hard cock standing by the pool. Much like popsicles, mosquito bites, and beach sex – it’s one of the ways you know summer has arrived. Well, it’s a symbol of summer if you go to really sexy pool parties or run a gay porn company.

Randy Blue’s handsome Derek Atlas has that beefy wrestler build, with a cut body, big throbbing dick, and tight round asscheeks. He looks like he was designed for piston fucking. Like one of those machines Dewitt wrote about recently! Wind him up and watch him terrorize a butthole!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Randy Blue

For more pics of Mr. Atlas, Follow the JUMP:

36 thoughts on “Quickie: Derek Atlas

  1. nice!  I wonder if those office workers in the building in the background, could see anything?

    After this layout, NBC means- NICE BIG COCK!

  2. I’ve seen some of his cam shows before. So glad Randy capitalized on that sweet ass. Can’t wait to see him in some man-on-man action.

  3. There’s something wrong with his right leg in the first pic before the jump… It looks like a bad photoshop job.

  4. And having been on the set of this photo shoot, you know for a fact he was “drugged out”? Or, knowing where he lives, you can attest he’s “trailer trash”?

    As for “gross”, well, that’s your opinion.

    I for one find him extremely sexy & beautiful.

  5. I thought something was wrong with his leg too. I thought, I was deformed or bow legged like some little people with thick legs.

  6. Correction:

    I thought, he was deformed or bow legged like some little people with thick legs.

  7. No,not a poor angle dumbass,lower legs curve in. Still a hottie in my book. They should make a new rule here…….only “Perfect People” can criticize any man who is brave enough to show his stuff here!

  8. After watching the trailer and hearing him speak. He didn’t sound drugged out to me. He looks a little sleepy maybe. I’d have no problem waking up to him, anytime.

  9. I can’t wait until we as a culture realize what a bad idea tatts are. This boy has a beautiful body that he has permanently spoiled with haphazardly positioned markings in wretched colors. Completely ruins the effect.

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