Have You Ever: Been Blown & Rimmed Simultaneously?

We’re positive there’s some cheesy Urban Dictionary term for this sexual activity, but we were having trouble tracking it down. We briefly contemplated running through the office and shouting, “Hey, does anyone know what it’s called when one guy sucks your dick and another guy eats your ass at the same time?” However, we decided against it.

But what’s in a name? Whatever the hell you want to call it, getting a tongue bath on both sides feels fucking awesome. It’s almost overwhelming to feel that much pleasure, and we’re sure those of you who have experienced it would agree. Speaking of which, let’s talk about those of you who have experienced it! How was it? Would you do it again? Tell us all the juicy details!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Broke College Boys

To watch Mark, Eric and Reigner demonstrate this, follow the JUMP:

Wait for it…

There we go!

And why stop there?

30 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Been Blown & Rimmed Simultaneously?

  1. A flat tire?  Blown and rimmed all at once?

    The double stimulation is a pretty amazing sensation.  Had an excellent foursome once where I received a flat tire while burying my face in the fourth guy’s ass… needless to say he got an extra enthusiastic rim job.  It’s the closest to heaven that I’ve ever been.

  2. Manhunt sure must be running out of ideas/topics… this is basically a re-hash of “have you ever: been in a 3some?” … “the meat in a sandwich?” … etc…

    what’s next? “have you ever: sucked your own toes while being fucked in a sling?”

  3. never had it done — but have been on both the sucking and rimming side multiple times — is a lot of fun to be doing one while the guy is also enjoying the other sensation… love to watch a guy go crazy with pleasure you’re giving to him!

  4. My partner and I enjoy the occasional 3way and that particular sex act is our signature move.  After some serious making out with the guest,  we start to undress him and my partner goes down in front while I approach from the rear.  Never had any complaints…just lots of “OMG’s!”

  5. Nah. I for one hate the term “slut”. It implies sex is something that should only be done on certain occasions. We’re sexual animals, let the good times role without the guilt of such labels 😉

  6. I pass; they look like children or teenagers to me. I prefer mature masculine looking men.

  7. I like how the one guy has a shirt that says “catcher” and it looks likes he does a lot of that!

  8. Had it done to me, fucking amazing, and love to have it called a flat tire haha

  9. Why JC  I think this kid could  play catcher for the entire New York Yankees  LOL  !!

  10. I’ve done pretty much every position that was in this shoot with these two guys in London. It was PHENOMENAL!! I would definitely do it again, and maybe even next time I’m there…

  11. I’ve done it many, many times and LOVE it !!  Even had the pleasure of twins one time.

  12. I have had it 3 times. The first time ranks in my top 5 nights ever. I could go on but basically I had a 3way (only my 2nd one at the time) with two best friends. They didn’t want to do anything with each other, just both worship me (I think I became a top that night). It was amazing and at one point I was standing and getting sucked and rimmed, mind blowing. I had them reverse it too, but one of them wouldn’t let the other blow me for too long, he would get jealous. Hot as hell and I can still jerkoff thinking about it. So I highly recommend it. 

  13. Yup I sure did have that done 2 me & it was tha best feeling I’ve ever recieved!!!

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