Quickie: David Bottrell

Picture it. David Bottrell is this hot scruffy dude who moves in next door. He’s always jogging through the neighborhood shirtless, sweat dripping down from his furry torso. His shorts leave very little to the imagination. Those hairy legs beckon for another man’s touch, and his prominent equipment flops around with every energetic thrust forward.

When you finally meet face to face, you can’t take your eyes off of his lips. You can just imagine how they’d feel pressing against your own. Or maybe you’re thinking about parting them with the tip of your cock, then inching in ever-so-slowly until he’s tickling your balls with his chin hair. Hmm, we’re curious—what else could you envision with this man?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Luke Austin

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701 thoughts on “Quickie: David Bottrell

  1. Very hot.  Love all the hair.  In that one pic looks like he might have a big sack.  Want to see more.  These are just teasers.

  2. The perfect amount of facial and body hair on a sexy, athletic frame!!  Where do I lick first!!

  3. He looks just like my neighbour! And yes we have fucked, next my neighbour has his cock up my ass I’ll be thinking of him instead!!!!!

  4. There’s something very sexy about this guy, maybe it’s his pouty lips, or is it his stare into the camera.  Either would place him on the cute guy in my bed contest.

  5. The first photo in B&W is my favorite. God he’s just beautiful, love the hair, eyes, smile, nose, lips, eyebrows, everything about him. And I really like that he has a natural body type.. and those hairy legs WOW.. LOVE YOU MAN!!

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