iPhone Wars: Battle of The Devious Duos

This is one of those rounds of iPhone Wars where you’ll either instantly choose a favorite or spend hours in indecision. I mean, how does one even begin to explain the eight contestants in today’s “Battle of The Devious Duos“? The first and last pairs are killing us with their magnificent smiles and washboard abs…

And yet there’s still something undeniably charming about Contestants C & D! We love their goofy expressions and the not-so-subtle boner peek-a-boo. Of course, are they any competition for Contestants E & F? That sexy reach-around move brings back so many pleasant memories of sneaking up on a fuck buddy and nibbling gently on his ear… GRR, IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOOSE!

– Dewitt

Photos via: Guys With iPhones

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29 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of The Devious Duos

  1. I was torn between E&F and G&H – as E&F look sweet and stuff, but a) we can only be sure that the one has a rocking body and b) though the smooth, ripped twink boy is nice, the double furry muscle boys win out. 

  2. I chose C&D because they’re the only ones who don’t look like they’re at a photo shoot and are having the most fun.

  3. Anyone ever notice how gay guys always date guys that look almost exactly like they themselves look?  The above pictures only prove the point!  Are we really that vain?  I mean I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we’re polar opposites!

  4. You, yourself, have disproved your own statement as you do not date someone exactly like you.

  5. Yeeeeah I never said ALL gay men did that. I didnt even say most, or even a few. It’s an observation honey. Relax.

  6. In a perfect world, I’d have a fourway with B, F, and G.  But I picked A&B ’cause B looks like a lot of fun.

  7. I have observed that it is often can be true couples look similar, but how much of that is style? I’ve often dated people quite different in appearance from myself, however for two years (the longest relationship I’ve ever had) I’ve been with a man who looks like he could be my older brother…didn’t seek it out, it’s just what happened. I don’t think it’s really vanity though. And he’s taller and built bigger, but people have thought we were related…

  8. Actually there have been scientific studies done on this or one that I know of. It’s not true for only gay couples. Most straight couples will wind up with someone who looks similar to them as well. It’s like a psychological drive to validate ourselves. It’s also true that most, MOST people will end up with someone who is far more similar than different. This is also another attempt at validating ourselves. So really your observation is true for most people and not really a thing of vanity it is more out of the need to be validated. 

  9. I just went for E&F. There something romantic in them. They do portray some forms of natural connection between two men.

  10. These polls are just as instructive as they are fun. No matter how good looking and great their bodies are, men of color always lose by a wide margin to white guys. 

  11. Just once, I would love for this poll to not be about race to some posters on here. I have an incredible attraction to “men of color”. I did not base my vote on that, as I’m sure the others did not as well. I personally think they are the hottest of the group. But I voted for who I did because E and F are very romantic, which appeals to me more than looks do. Please quit making this a race issue when it has nothing to do with it at all. Contrary to what you believe, the white people have moved on from race issues more than you would like to give us credit for.

  12. How I wish I lived in your fantasy world with rainbows and unicorns and love for everybody. I wouldn’t have made the statement had I not seen the same kind of results at least 10x already, and with Asian/Black guys who deserved far more than the less than 10% of votes they consistently get. I, too, had sneered at comments about race before (especially when I didn’t particularly think the non-white guys were all that attractive) but I now see that they do have a point.  

    I also made the comment without exculpating my own self from having the same predisposition to choose white men most of the time. Maybe it’s not even about racism at all but simply a matter of taste. Since I assume that most readers of this blog are Americans and, hence, predominantly white then it’s natural that tastes would lean more towards white guys. Add the votes of some men of color (the minority) who are attracted to white men: you have the poll results that show the same trend of white domination over and over again.

  13. I don’t live in a fantasy world with rainbows and unicorns (they don’t exist). I have, just as you have, seen the same results at least 10x already. But that does not mean it is because of race. I think that we should be given the benefit of the doubt instead of rushing to that conclusion.
    Just so you know, I’m not writing this in a pissed off manner. I know things can come across totally different than how we write them. I guess I’m one of the abnormal white males who is actually more attracted to “men of color” than those of  my own race. Guess that’s why I said what I did.

  14. You are still the exception to the rule. Of course there will always be somebody like you but the data speak for themselves. Just because there are white guys that prefer non-whites (my bf was white as hell after all) and vice versa, doesn’t mean that the majority would not choose a white guy over a non-white one, given the same level of good looks (and sometimes even if the non-white is clearly better looking). Even on the main hook-up site, if I had a dollar for every guy who says “not into Blacks, Asians, etc.” on his profile, I’d be a millionaire by now. And again, I don’t think it’s necessarily racism per se; it just says something about how the standard/perception of beauty is very Eurocentric for most people. 

  15. out of the 8 bloakes shown, i would go for just “A.”

    so.. ..by default, i voted for the picture he was in.

    i will say that the picture of “E” & “F” was striking, in its own right, and that the bloakes in the second picture almost snuck something by me — those naughty fuckers.

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