Quickie: Arturo Magadan

It’s always nice when beautiful things show up in our inbox. Talented photographer Dexter Brown was kind enough to send over a few shots from his recent session withย Arturo Magadan of Ford Models. As you can tell, these images are ridiculously gorgeous…

While Arturo appears quite debonair in his stylish suit and tie, he looks even better in nothing but a pair of tight black briefs (especially when they’re pulled down to show off his “assets”). It’s particularly impressive that he can pull off the grungy guy-liner type of look! Yum.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dexter Brown

To check out more of Arturo, follow the JUMP:

Makeup Artist: Christina Artrip, Assistant: Mike Windle

564 thoughts on “Quickie: Arturo Magadan

  1. Tired of the pretty girls looking like pretty boys..where are the real guys…too many sculptures, not enough men lately…

  2. I like how all you commented on this post alone, but none of you commented on the previous post “Wolf Alert: Marc Angelo” nor will any of you post on the next post “Kevin Crowe Gets His Dick Massaged”. Both of which have more of what I’m guessing you would call “men”. No one’s forcing you to look through these pictures ladies, don’t like what you see, keep it moving. Quit bitching about the variety of content they put on here just because you don’t like a single post.

    I’m not really into the make up either, but goddamn what I wouldn’t do to him in that suit.

  3. Good looking guy but, the, photographer AND, make-up artis(?) should find some other line of work ! I’m just sayin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. CMan…English is the least of Woody’s problem. He has to stir the pot on every post on here. A real prick…but ALL man…just ask him!

  5. Does nothing for me. He looks like a mannequin. Looks like he is literally made out of plastic in some of those pics.

  6. Why don’t you take your “advice”, big mouth..and stuff it up your ass! This is for comments..and that is what everyone, including you, is doing. So fuck off.

  7. I’m all for freedom of opinion, and you guys certainly have the right to yours. But some of these comments are just spiteful and downright awful. Reminds me of how shallow and stereotypical some gays can be. If he doesn’t look like (this) or (that), he isn’t “worthy to be seen by gay eyes”. I didn’t see one constructive critique to back up the demeaning comments above. I guess from the subscribers that usually provide feedback on this blog’s content, that isn’t expected. Have a good day, everyone.

  8. the makeup artist ruined this shoot. and if she was just following the photographer’s directions, then the photographer ruined the shoot. the makeup is just god-awful…

  9. I hope this photographer has another field 2 fall back on because these pictures SUCK and not in a good way !!!

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