Kevin Crows Gets His Dick Massaged

For a relatively new site, Rub Him is off to a good start. The similarities to Massage Bait–in both theme and design–are impossible to ignore. Hot guy on a massage table! Muscular dude with magic hands! Inevitable hardcore fucking which leads to a very happy ending for everyone involved! We’ve seen this drill a million times before. So what sets Rub Him apart from its competitors?

To begin, Trace Michaels! While Massage Bait relies on Tyler Saint to handle masseur duties, Rub Him has opted to bring the hairy, tattooed muscle daddy on board. This may not seem like a huge difference. However, Trace works his versatility to his advantage, and he appears on bottom far more often than Mr. Saint.

Then, of course, there are the men who are fucking (or getting fucked by) Trace. We’d argue that there are far more familiar faces on Rub Him, including everyone from Dylan Roberts to Kevin Crows. To some degree, this may ruin the “amateur real men” fantasy of the scenario, but it also has a tendency to result in much hotter scenes. Check out Trace and Kevin in action, and let us know what you think…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rub Him

To check out Kevin Crows fucking Trace Michaels, follow the JUMP:

78 thoughts on “Kevin Crows Gets His Dick Massaged

  1. btw this website is a total rip-off. I bought a trial membership and basically all you get to see is the guy setting up the table. You gotta pay $40 if you wanna see more. Jeez they show more action in the free previews. The scene with “Farm Boy” left me with aching blue balls. Oh, and there’s only 10 scenes and you can’t even download them. I’m just sayin……

  2. this website’s trial membership is a ripoff – for the $5 2-day trial membership, all you see is the same 2-4 min preview stuff flooding the free porn websites – save your $5

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