Quickie: Are These The Sexiest Men of 2011?

Given the high volume of naked (or nearly naked) guys we post on a regular basis, it would be damn near impossible to narrow things down to the ten sexiest men of 2011. This may leave you wondering, “So what the hell is this list I’m about to look at?” To which we say, have some patience! We were mere seconds away from telling you.

The following countdown ranks the ten most popular Quickies of the past year, in order from least-viewed to most-viewed. Let’s repeat that. The following countdown ranks the ten most popular Quickies of the past year, in order from least-viewed to most-viewed. Just to drive the point home, we have no say as to who does and doesn’t appear on this list. If you’re disappointed by the glaring absence of your favorite man, then we don’t know what to tell you… You should have clicked on his post more often!

– Dewitt

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We wrote: “Once Danny Harper pops up on your monitor, you forget EVERYTHING ELSE. I no longer have any recollection of on what date my mother’s birthday falls, exactly what the sideways universe in Lost was supposed to be, or my address and telephone number. This god of ginge has usurped my mind, body and soul.”



We wrote: “American Idol winner Kris Allen was a surprising champion on The Ten for several weeks in a row. Who knew that so many gay guys wanted to bone the MOR-singin’, crowd-pleasin’ crooner? It was with great pleasure that we were alerted pics of his family vacation on Facebook, which included several shots of him splashing about without a shirt. He’s no dummy. He knows how to keep the fans’ interest piqued.”



We wrote: “This is Jeremy Rowback, he hails from New York, and a nicer ass in a jockstrap has never been found. Holy shit, he’s hot. Rowback is a full-time model, and obviously muse to photographer Joseph Smileuske.”



We wrote: “Colby’s abdominal muscles are quite heavenly. This may sound weird, but he’s got one of those six packs that isn’t utterly terrifying. You know the kind we’re talking about–where it looks like each individual muscle is going to pop out and slap you in the face. Yeah, his aren’t like that! They’re friendly abs, almost as if they’re calling out and inviting you to pour chocolate sauce on them.”



We wrote: “Several parts make up this whole (which I need in MY hole). The spray of freckles across the handsome face. The bubble butt. The twinkle in his eye. The sculpted body. The bulge in that Speedo. The boyishly tousled hair. The bulge in that Speedo. That wasn’t a typo, the Speedo needed to be noted twice.”



We wrote: “his dude walk around with the baseball cap and the boxer briefs would have me slipping in a puddle of my own precum. It’s going to be hard to stop staring at his body of death in those jeans with just a hint of his pubes. Painful, even. The only problem is that he’s not showing us what the back looks like. Let me guess – tight rounded muscle butt?”



We wrote: “Use your imagination to figure out what Layton Draper‘s wiping off his chin. It’s probably just water, but there are so many other possibilities to consider! Maybe he was working on his car, and a little oil squirted on his face. Or maybe, just maybe…”



We wrote: “Strogish is a model in NYC, but he also works as a certified personal fitness trainer. How would you ever have guessed? His V obliques look like they were CARVED. You only get that if you’re constantly in the gym. He MIGHT stop doing crunches and leave Gold’s for a hot minute to take part in sexy photoshoots such as this. But that’s it. You would probably have to have sex with him somewhere in the gym, because he probably doesn’t have time to get you to a bed. Chuck’s too busy becoming the perfect physical specimen. You come to him! Or on him. Or in him.”



We wrote: “Nick McGough has a big fat dick. We’re telling you this because we’ve seen it before. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen it in person, so we can’t report any facts on its taste, feel or scent. Nor can we report on the sounds he makes when he cums, but we get the sense that they’d be really great to hear…”



We wrote: “Let’s return to the topic at hand. Namely, the sight of Patrick O’Brien in a pair of soaking wet briefs! Some of you may be disappointed to discover there aren’t any full-on dick pics in this set, but there are a couple of peeks in the preview video. Plus, you could just read the original post about this guy. Because, duh, it’s all about his cock.”


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3,476 thoughts on “Quickie: Are These The Sexiest Men of 2011?

  1. and sexy obviously ends at 25 with you.  a very early twentieth century attitude to male beauty.  the cute face on an insect body is just so done already.  that said, danny harper is the butt fucking deal.

  2. Gee’s wrap Nick McGough up in plastic and send him to me for christmas…and I promise to be good for the next ten days. Great looking guy…and the cock is nice as well.

  3. You guys are dumb. It clearly states that this list is based on the number of times they got clicked. Get over it.

  4. wow I’ll take them all as they stand there when there down screwing and balling me they can bury me with a big smile what a smorgasboard of cock

  5. No Vote? Colby Erskin … hands and mouth down.. all of these guys are beautiful.. but he’s my pick for eyes to look into while sucking my dick… or just a a glass of wine over a candle.. thanks…

  6. Not sure why there are so many surprised comments about lack of color.  This column is legendary for ignoring any ethnic groups.  The column even waxes lyrically about “All American…” ignoring all the time that “All American” no longer means WHITE and that America will be mainly latino/black/asian in less than a generation….  Funny thing is, I will soon be condemned as racist because “I’ve failed to investigate if any of the models above are “non-white” (presumably by DNA evidence)…. so YAWN. 

  7. Get over it.  How many “men of color” are featured and go on to make it onto the top 10 and then they never make it past the first week? Where the fuck are your votes then? Pretty much everything on here runs based on popularity. Get to clicking and voting. 

  8. whatta u mean no “persons of color” — Jeremy Rowback is sort of maroon red and  Layton Draper is a 1970’s kitchen appliance Harvest Gold.   Manhunt has spared to expense on exotic bottled tans to bring you these shades not seen in nature.

  9. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Seems that Ben Godfre, the best guy of ALL, got left off.

    How did that happen? I alone must have clicked on his post about a million times…

    Doesn’t matter what anyone else says; he is still my favourite…

  10. These white males are all gorgeous. However, I would love to see some Puerto Rican and Afro Cuban men on this site.

  11. Good choice ManHunt! I think I’d agree with you on this list. I’d defnitely go an orgy with all of ’em if I had the chance!

  12. Obviously, these are Dewitt’s personal likes since (except Colby, Patrick, Nick & Judson) they all are NOT the best of the best of the #1’s.   This is to be expected since, I’ve never considered Dewitt to be a professional journalist let alone an honest one, lol  ;-)~

  13. Here’s the data of the most popular Quickies from January 1, 2011 to December 5, 2011.

    Just putting this out there. 

  14. These aren’t the #1″s from “The Ten”…they are the top ten from the “Quickies” postings.  Different creatures.  You’re not comparing the same things.

  15. Oh yeah, the typical MH Daily poster…scroll thru pics, make assumptions, then dump some self-righteous, uninformed comment without reading the post…..lets hope for something better from the readers in 2012!

  16. All young, pretty and WHITE!  Oh yeah I keep forgetting its not racist, its just preference..that’s all!

    (please excuse me while I go vomit)

  17. I would mount any of the these 10 but…. how can this be the best? So many sexier guys get their pictures posted on Manhunt. Much of the time, my first reaction is that guy needs a sandwich. I click on darker and heavier guys all the time.

  18. So fuckin sick of PC.  Go sit in a park and occupy something!  Maybe you will find some men of color!

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