Pro Soccer Player Alberto Lejárraga Comes Out, Shares Pic Kissing His Boyfriend

This week, soccer player Alberto Lejárraga came out and showed off his boyfriend following his team’s recent promotion to an upper league in Spain.

Lejárraga plays for the Marbella Fútbol Club, which just reached the fourth-tier league in Spanish soccer. While he didn’t specifically mention how he identifies, Lejárraga shared a picture of him kissing his boyfriend on social media.

The player shared a tweet thanking his boyfriend and family members in a tweet, writing:

“Thank you for always being by my side through the good and bad times! This time, we got to live the beauty of this! THANK YOU [heart emoji].”

Several comments under Lejárraga’s tweet congratulated the athlete for coming out and living in his truth. Overall, tweet currently has 16,000 likes and over 1,700 retweets.

The official account for La Liga – the top soccer division for men in Spain – replied with, “Thanks Alberto for inspiring us. Let’s continue to build an increasingly diverse and tolerant soccer.”

The last few years have seen more athletes coming out as LGBTQ+ than in the past. Though some of them have struggled in their coming-out journeys, it certainly shows that diversity and inclusivity is advancing in the world of sports.

We’ll be rooting for Alberto Lejárraga in and out of the field!

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