Popular Demand: The Top 100 Posts of 2012

Manhunt Daily's best posts of 2012

If you read one Manhunt Daily post this year, it should be this one! We’ve rounded up one-hundred of 2012’s best entries for your viewing (and masturbational) pleasure. Technically, there isn’t much “reading” involved, and you probably won’t be able to resist clicking through to read more than one post… But, hey, let’s not dwell on those details.

(See last year’s list here.)

All in all, it was another great year here at Manhunt headquarters! But what can we expect in 2013? Will Chris Crocker take over the world? Will Paddy O’Brian shove his award-winning dick into more arses? Will Vinny Castillo go all the way with another man? Stay tuned in to find out! Until then, thank you for reading, commenting and sending in your tips!

– Dewitt

Click through to take a stroll down memory lane:



100. What Would You Do?: Vinny Castillo
99. Celebrity Skin: Gerard Butler
98. When I Grow Up, I Want To Be (Inside) Allen Silver!
97. The Cock Buffet: Surprise! Marc Dylan Got Gangbanged.
96. Celebrity Skin: Matt Bomer’s Butt
95. Paul Wagner Is The Worst Marriage Counselor Ever!
94. The Locker Room: Danell Leyva
93. Thank Cock It’s Friday: In Which Jimmy Fanz Gives Colby Jansen A Man-Hug & Then Proceeds To Ride His Dick.
92. The Cock Buffet: Holding Out For Nate & Shay
91. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Nate Karlton Looking Absurdly Sexy In (And Out Of) Uniform



90. Manhunt Daily Wood: Rob Gronkowski
89. Benjamin Godfre (Finally) Does Gay Porn!
88. Obligatory Post About The ESPN Body Issue
87. Celebrity Skin: Scott Caan
86. Quickie: Lucas Malvacini
85. The Cock Buffet: Trystan Bull Serves Up Some Sexiness
84. Everything Butt: Benny G
83. Manhunt Daily Wood: Ryan Stack
82. Everything Butt: Davis
81. 20 Amazing Pictures of Male Celebrity Facials



80. Everything Butt: Tate Ryder
79. 5 Reasons ParoleHim.com Might Be Real
78. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By 4 Tops, 1 Bottom
77. The Cock Buffet: Welcome To The Cum Fiesta!
76. A Fun Valentine’s Day Joke! Plus, Some Porn.
75. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Sean Lawrence
74. Everything Butt: Paul Wagner
73. Marc Dylan Manages To Make Oral Sex Interesting
72. Let’s All Look At Andrew Lincoln’s Cock!
71. Fuck Vs. Fuck: A Chaos Men Threesome



70. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Dylan Ayres
69. Leave Tom Daley Alone, Dicks
68. Manhunt Daily Wood: Marc Buckner
67. Celebrity Skin: Jean Dujardin
66. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Steven Daigle (AKA My Arch Nemesis) As A Piece of Human Furniture
65. Scandal In The Vatican: 6 Mouths, 1 Gigantic Dick
64. The Cock Buffet: Spencer Reed & Conner Habib Are Very Happy About All The Porn You’re About To See
63. Eddy Adams Has A 9×8 Inch Dick
62. The Cock Buffet: Austin Wilde Goes Out With A Bang
61. Everything Butt: Adam Killian



60. Quickie: Tony Capucci
59. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Steven Prior’s Big Dick Showdown
58. Manhunt Daily Wood: Cody Cummings
57. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Ethan Ever
56. Quickie: Maximus Thomas
55. Should I Care About Straight Porn Star Rocco Reed’s First Gay Scene? Should You? Should EVERYONE?
54. Quickie: Julian Gabriel
53. Meet Brock Landon: Dirty Tony’s New Muscle Bottom
52. Everything Butt: Scott Hunter
51. Manhunt Daily Wood: Kip



50. Ultimate Fighter Dakota Cochrane Regretting Sean Cody Work
49. The Legend of Johnny Rapid & The Enchanted Man-Taint
48. Manhunt Daily Wood: Miles Davis Moody
47. 16 Pictures of Seth Fornea That MUST Be Seen
46. Watch Kennedy Carter & His Insanely Hot Boyfriend Ivan (Also) Do What Boyfriends Do In Bed Together
45. Celebrity Skin: Chris Messina’s Penis
44. David Chase Is A Daddy.
43. Fuck Vs. Fuck: Virgin Bottom Vs. Experienced Porn Star
42. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Vinny Castillo’s First M4M Scene (And That Lucky Slut Johnny Torque)
41. BREAKING: Cody Cummings Comes Out of The Closet!



40. Everything Butt: Toby Tucker
39. Gay Porn Incest: Is It Weirder When They’re Not Twins?
38. The Artist Formerly Known As Tag Eriksson
37. The Locker Room: Jonathan Pelissie
36. Quickie: Kieran Congdon
35. The Cock Buffet: “Why Is Sean Cody Testing Me?” Edition
34. FYI: Girth Brooks Is Also In “Dad Goes To College”
33. Danell Leyva: Your First Sexting Olympian of 2012
32. Quickie: Seth Fornea
31. Manhunt Daily Wood: Jack Mackenroth



30. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Chris Tyler’s Armpit
29. Celebrity Skin: Jean Dujardin’s Gay Sex Scene
28. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Paddy O’Brian (III)
27. Manhunt Daily Wood: Markus Ricci
26. Quickie: Paddy O’Brian
25. WATCH IT NOW: Chris Crocker’s Gay Porn Debut
24. Celebrity Skin: Joe Manganiello’s Butt, Along With His Mysteriously Absent, Blurry Penis
23. Third Hottest Member of The Wanted Is Spotted Waving His Dick Around On The Internet
22. In Bed With Colby Keller: Performance Anxiety
21. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Jizz Orgy Gangbang Edition!



20. Quickie: Jonathan Luke
19. The Naked Issue: Austin Armacost, Freddie Hogan, Greg Lake, Lucien Laviscount & Mark Henderson
18. Manhunt Daily Wood: Colby Melvin
17. The Cock Buffet: Brought To You Exclusively By Johnny Rapid Getting Gangbanged In A Locker Room
16. Everything Butt: Todd Sanfield
15. Manhunt Daily Wood: Bo Roberts
14. Obligatory Post About The 2012 Dieux Du Stade Calendar
13. Twink Tank: The Peters Twins
12. The Cock Buffet: Cody Cummings FINALLY Gets Fucked!
11. EXCLUSIVE: Lukas Ridgeston Will Return To Bel Ami



We wrote: “How has it taken this long for someone to figure out that it’d be a good idea to make a movie about Paddy O’Brian fucking everyone? The gay-for-pay porn star, who’s currently poised for third place on this week’s edition of The Ten, whips out his thick cock, incredible accent and a little bit of awkward (yet endearing) energy for his latest flick, the magnificently-titledPaddy O’Brian’s Fucking My Arse.”



We wrote: “The title of this post isn’t some trick or lame-ass blogger gimmick. In this series of images, you’re actually going to see Zac Efron‘s left butt cheek. He’s also sticking his hand down his pants and fondling the Lorax (which is what I’d like to imagine he’s nicknamed his allegedly Magnum-worthy penis).

“Was this a happy accident or a cheap publicity stunt to promote his new film The Lucky One? Either way, does anyone give a fuck? Zac Efron was naked on a balcony. It’s ridiculous that you’re still reading this sentence! Go look at his ass, you foolish fuck!”



We wrote: “Nope, you didn’t read that wrong! You’re about to see James Bonds‘ cock. Back in 2000, actor Daniel Craig did a nude scene for the film Some Voices, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that you see everything. Front and back. Dick and ass. The whole shebang.”



We wrote: “You know, it took a while for us to get into him, but we’re at the point where we might have to rebrand Manhunt Daily as a Johnny Rapid fan blog. His facial expressions are the best thing to happen to the adult industry since lube that looks like cum. One minute he’s adorable! The next, he looks like he’s getting violated! But, wait a second, he might like getting violated? It’s a confusing, erotic and downright thrilling ride for the viewer.”



We wrote: “I would like to thank Zachary Sire of The Sword for introducing me to gay porn newcomerJohnny Rapid (and consequently traumatizing me with pictures of his gaping anus). If you’re into boys who can take a bit of abuse, you might want to track down Johnny, put a ring on his finger immediately, and then celebrate your honeymoon by manhandling him, cumming on his face and shoving large objects into his gaping young anus.”



We wrote: “Brady Hanson‘s the sort of guy I’d eye-fuck in the checkout line at the grocery store. It’s not clear which would catch my attention first—his big meaty ass or his dopey-yet-entirely-cute face—but I’d spend most of my time staring at those thick cheeks, all while wishing I could look deep into his eyes and tell him how hard he’s about to get fucked.

“Lucky for me? Unlike his real-life grocery store counterpart, Brady likes getting fucked! Watch his debut scene with Joe Parker and silently wonder to yourself why he’s ever allowed to have sex in any position that’s not doggystyle. Seriously! This man was made to be on all fours. I’ll accept him in other positions, but geez, he looks incredible getting plowed doggystyle…”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brady technically had an unfair advantage, but we’ll let it slide…



We wrote: “We haven’t been ignoring you, dear readers! After numerous demands to feature Quinn Christopher Jaxon on Manhunt Daily, we’re finally giving in and plastering his magnificent ass all over these pages. Frankly, it’s not quite clear why we ever resisted writing a post about him.

“Part of it might be lingering resentment that you didn’t share our joy back when he did this shoot. Part of it might be that we met him, and no picture can ever capture his true beauty (and booty-shaking skills). Part of it might be…

“Oh, fuck it! There aren’t any good excuses. We apologize from the bottom of our taints that it’s taken so long to write this entry… So, uh, without further ado, let’s masturbate to some pictures of Quinn/Kurt/that guy who gave you an immense boner in the Andrew Christian Car Wash video.”



Jack Mackenroth

We wrote: “On today’s post about Olympian gymnast Ji Wallace, who recently came out as HIV positive, there was some controversy in the comments section about Wallace ‘flaunting his sexuality‘. I was quick to call bullshit on this sentiment. People living with HIV have every right to look, feel and be sexy. It’s preposterous and close-minded to suggest otherwise.

“To further prove my point, I thought I’d share some pics of swimmer, model, fashion designer and overall HIV-positive role model Jack Mackenroth. He showed off his big, round rump in a new photo shoot with Justin Monroe, and I’m loving every single shot in the set! Don’t you just want to reach out and smack that ass?”



We wrote: “Speaking of George Clooney wishing he could ride Michael Fassbender‘s dick, here is a post about Michael Fassbender’s dick. Sort of! In these stills from Shame—courtesy of our pals at OMG Blog—you can see a nice silhouette of the star’s shaft, as well as a giant blurry blob where his genitals should be.”



We wrote: “The rumors were true. Chris Crocker and his (now ex) boyfriend Justin Goble visited Boston a few weeks ago to film their highly-anticipated gay porn debut with the Maverick Men. Though we tried to keep everything on the hush at Manhunt headquarters, our dear friends at The Sword were able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure it out… After pulling a few strings, we were able to get our hands on the scene’s trailer before the official premiere on Maverick Men this Thursday. The bad news? There’s less than one minute of hardcore action in the clip. The good news? All of this footage feels like it was stolen directly from my brain, compiled from scenes of a wet dream we never knew we wanted to have.”



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