Popular Demand: Maverick Men, Joey Lawrence & More!

We never imagined a headline for this blog would ever include both the Maverick Men and Joey Lawrence‘s names, but that’s the case in today’s installment of Popular Demand! Yet again, we’ve rounded up a handful of the past week’s best posts, all so you can relive all those glorious masturbational moments or catch up on what you missed.

In case you’re wondering, Cole and Hunter snatched up the Most Discussed title, thanks to a little help from six of their hottest bottom boys. Meanwhile, former Blossom star Joey Lawrence didn’t even have to take his pants off to dominate our Most Liked list! His abs did all the work.

Nick McGough and his nine competitors on The Ten were Most Popular for the nine-hundredth time in a row, and Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Greg Bennett tweeted his way into our hearts (and our pants). That’s about it!

So, um, what can we look forward to in the week to cum come? Will Zachary Quinto come out as a total bottom? Will frat boy Marco take Cody Lake‘s place as “Butthole of The Year”? Stay tuned in to find out! Until then, thank you for reading, commenting and sending in your tips.

– Dewitt

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  1. The Ten: Big Fat Dick Vs. Big Fat Dick
  2. Butthole of The Year Finally Gets Fucked
  3. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Maverick Men’s Bottom Boys
  4. Everything Butt: Marco
  5. Manhunt Daily Wood: Stephen Amell
  6. Celebrity Skin: Tom Hardy (We Know, We Know)
  7. Is Colby Keller The Most Adorable Man Who Ever Lived?
  8. Congrats To Zachary Quinto (Dewitt Told Ya So…)
  9. “Whoa!”
  10. Straight Guys Are Gay: Speedo Car Wash



  1. Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Maverick Men’s Bottom Boys (60 Comments)
  2. Caption This: The Background Creeper (34 Comments)
  3. Are You Hypocritical If You’re Pro-Condom But Enjoy Watching “Bareback” Porn? (34 Comments)
  4. Congrats To Zachary Quinto (Dewitt Told Ya So…) (28 Comments)
  5. iPhone Wars: Beard Battle! (26 Comments)
  6. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Barrington Brooks (24 Comments)
  7. “Whoa!” (24 Comments)
  8. Is Colby Keller The Most Adorable Man Who Ever Lived? (23 Comments)
  9. Butthole of The Year Finally Gets Fucked (22 Comments)
  10. Quickie: Ajay Shah (20 Comments)



  1. “Whoa!” (336 Likes)
  2. Even The Security Guards Are Sexy In France (328 Likes)
  3. Kellan Lutz Is Super Gay-Friendly (270 Likes)
  4. Everything Butt: Marco (251 Likes)
  5. iPhone Wars: Beard Battle! (245 Likes)
  6. Congrats To Zachary Quinto (Dewitt Told Ya So…) (218 Likes)
  7. Quickie: Leon Dörrenberg (211 Likes)
  8. Manhunt Man of The Week: haz1212 (205 Likes)
  9. DC Comics Gets A New Gay Superhero (180 Likes)
  10. Who Would You Rather?: Revenge (129 Likes)



Secret Sex: Greg Bennett



Best Week Ever

6 thoughts on “Popular Demand: Maverick Men, Joey Lawrence & More!

  1. It seems a bit bizarre to me that the Maverick Men would be discussed in a “most popular” context.  For some unknown reason, MH continues to promote something that is very unpopular with it’s viewers (make that CUSTOMERS) and yet the” powers that be” who are making this decision just don’t seem to give a rip.   It would be like Starbucks introducing some new type of coffee that their customers hated and then they go on to brag about it.  To make the illustration more to the point, it would be like Starbucks bragging about something that promoted serious illness in their customers.  There comes a point where we as gay men seriously have to consider whether or not we want to continue filling the pockets of those who don’t really care about us or our health.  By continuing to promote bareback sex in this manner, it has to raise this question in the minds of your CUSTOMERS.   Frankly, I know that it has in mine. And I think it’s time for a few real answers on your side.  And I DON’T mean the lame “We promote safe sex” blah, blah, blah while you continue to promote the opposite.  Maybe it’s time MH decides which pockets they want to fill, because trying to fill them all at the same time is getting a bit old.

  2. You do notice that they’re the third most popular post and over 2000 people voted in their poll, right? This is more like Starbucks releasing a coffee everyone SAYS they hate, yet secretly drinks when nobody’s looking.

    I fail to see why everyone has such a problem with the Maverick Men, when they actively promote getting tested for HIV before you bareback. When we post condomless scenes from Chaos Men or Bel Ami, why isn’t there as much of an uproar?

  3. I guess in response to that I would say” Why in the world would MH promote condomless scenes from any production company”?  I mean other than the money part…  But hey, maybe it’s just me. Silly me.  Guess I have a hard time getting the images of my various friends who died of AIDS out of my head and heart.  And by the way, the practice of getting tested for HIV before engaging in bareback sex has it’s problems.  Like trusting the other guy “who got tested” (and whom I most likely don’t really know) with my life…  “Yeah, sure, you betcha I got tested…”

  4. Understood, Jim.

    I can’t speak for Manhunt on this issue as a whole. We’re not in any way implying that getting tested is a substitute for condoms. However, ignoring that bareback porn exists (or that people DO in fact bareback) is about as reliable as abstinence-only education. Generally, we post scenes of this nature to encourage dialogue.

  5. As far as the Maverick Men go appearance wise Cole the older one would look good if he toned up a little and died the hair one grey color then he’d be a real silver fox since the one toned grey, spiked hair against the blue eyes with good toned body would be a killer combination. So he fails on gay style.

    Hunter to me the black haired dude is very average looking.

    As far as their porn goes – it is very silly and sick at the same time.

    They seem to go for guys who look twelve and that is where the child porn thing comes in – yes I know the guys are technically legal but facially and body wise these guys look like twelve so they seem to be simulating a “twelve year old”/”older man experience”.

    And then the silly part comes in is that these young kids are not that good looking, reminds me when Daddy Mugs was with that guy who looked twelve even though he was 18, and the dude looked twelve and he looked like he had down syndrome.

    Like why can’t they(Daddy Mugs, Maverick men) get a guy whose in his twenties, thirties or forties even who is good looking – they are so desperate for youth that they are even willing to go for bad looking kids instead of a good looking 25 year old (which would still be younger) and then they(the Maverick Men) are the first ones to scream ageism when ever anybody looks at them and judges them on their age – but then they automatically exclude older guys even if they are good looking from their vids in search of younger and younger looking guys.

    So hypocrites too.

    And another S – for stupid. I feel the HIV concern is real since if they bareback please stop the whole younger than young thing since one kind of feels that their fantasy porn thing they are marketing – kind of goes on the angle of taking advantage of inexperienced young kids even if they are technically legal.

    For example they describe on their website how they have teach or show a lot of the guys about douching etc when asked about it in the comments. So one kind of gets the feeling that a lot of these guys even though technically legal are very inexperienced and if they don’t know these fundamental things about sex(douching, lube etc) are they really making informed decisions when it comes to the bareback factor. So one kinds of feels these young men are being taken advantage of – like one is watching a sales transaction between a blind man and a sleazy used car salesmen selling the guy a broken down car(in terms of the bareback issue and HIV). Even though the blind man is legal and giving his consent he is still being taken advantage of and its not “informed” consent.

    Lastly the sleaze factor as mentioned – its kind of simulating – two pedos in a van with black windows trawling the neighborhood, looking for young “boy pussy”, the kids(technically legal) lured by promises of candy not really knowing what they are getting into figuratively and literally.

    P.s the article was not the most liked – so one can’t confuse people voting in a poll on the bottoms(and most polls on MHDaily are voted on with similar stats) with saying the article on the MMs was liked and thus popular. For example often MHDaily gets articles with over 350 likes – compared to the MM article which only had about five or ten likes. So I can thus say with great certainty and on behalf of most of your readers we do not LIKE the MM articles and simulations especially if over 2000 people voted in the poll and only ten likes on the article.

    Shame on you MHDaily and MH for lowering your standards and yes even in porn their are standards for money, and promoting the MM. Goodness if there were two guys really doing “pedos in a van” as a website and a video sales thing would you guys take money and promote them too.

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