Please Let Me Lick Your Abs.

Licking stomachs doesn’t rank high on my list of sexual priorities, but I guess I have to redo the rankings now that my eyes have feasted on the glorious abs of Manhunt member untitledname15? That is just a highly lickable stomach! There are few other things I’d like to do it, with the exception of maybe pulling out his ass, ripping off my condom and unleashing a load all over that tight tummy.

You can find Mr. untitledname15 in Quebec (because obviously there is no shortage of hot Canadian dudes on Manhunt). If you happen to be anywhere near him, I highly recommend licking his abs, mostly because I want to live vicariously through you… Also, I have literally nothing else to say in this post, because I am far too distracted by that stomach.

(Obligatory musical segue.)

– Dewitt

Check out some pictures of a very lickable stomach below:







Head over here to see more pics, read his profile or send him a message.



16 thoughts on “Please Let Me Lick Your Abs.

  1. @Hrist – Having looked at some of your previous comments, I’d have to say that your inappropriately overinflated ego, conflated with your narcissitic self-importance, trumps whatever physical attractiveness you might possess. As you mature, try to learn the nuanced difference between confidence and arrogance – the former will attract the quality people that the latter will repel.

  2. He used to do shows on cam4 under the name of untitled16, and I think there is a porn shot with him.

  3. they are rather genetically blessed in canada hehe………….awww someone got deleted i didnt see why i miss all the excitement hehe

  4. Needs to stop trimming or shaving it. Nothing is hotter than a sexy treasure trail, or as I learned in Gaylanta for college, the Stairway to Heaven – yes that dates me, lol.

  5. When I read your answer the comment that generated it had been deleted but I found the last frase a life’s lesson. Congratulations

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