Perez Hilton claims his reputation makes it ‘really hard to date’ and says he hasn’t had sex since 2016

Perez Hilton has said that the reputation he has earned as a gossip blogger has made it “really hard to date” and claimed most gay men “don’t like” him. Hilton, who has made a career out of spreading celebrity gossip through his website, made the comments on a podcast for Australia’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, on which he is a contestant.

He told host Tanya Hennessy that his reputation as a salacious celebrity gossip blogger has followed him in his dating life – and many men just don’t want to know.

“The baggage that I constantly carry with me that’s so visible and heavy, because of who I am and what I do, it makes it really hard to date,” he said. The overwhelming majority of gay men don’t like me. That’s hard. I believe everybody deserves love and companionship. I know that I’m a great partner and when I have – in the past – been in relationships, I’ve been an amazing boyfriend.”

The blogger also revealed that he hasn’t been on a date in some time, and noted that he hasn’t had sex since 2016. Despite this, Hilton said he has a “happy life” and doesn’t feel “deprived”.

Perez Hilton has a long history of courting controversy. In 2018, he said that he wouldn’t send his son to dance classes because it would lead to a 50 per cent chance he would “end up being gay”. Speaking in a YouTube video at the time, Hilton said: “I would say a good amount — maybe like 50 per cent or more — of little boys who take dance class end up being gay.” The gossip reporter pleaded: “I don’t think that’s a homophobic thing to say.

Just like I don’t think it’s a homophobic thing to say that a disproportionate amount of male singer/actor/dancers on Broadway are gay.”

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