Part One: Benjamin Godfre Answers YOUR Questions!

Gather around, Benjaminions! Merely hours after sending in your questions, our new friend Benjamin Godfre sent over the first part of his Manhunt Daily interview. Here’s what you need to know—a) he’s shirtless the entire time, b) he’s an open sapiosexual, and c) there doesn’t need to be a “c”, because we already told you he’s shirtless.

All jokes aside, Godfre touches upon a variety of topics in this segment, including his views on sexuality, bondage, porn, gay rights and what it feels like to be lusted after by so many horny guys. He doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions, which makes us very excited to watch the next part of this interview. We saved all the juicy questions for last!

Keep your fingers crossed that Benjamin answers your next batch of questions in his underwear. We’re trying to get him to spread his butt cheeks like Marko Lebeau, but he seems way too classy for that shit. Oh well! We’ll take what we can get. Maybe a crotch thrust or two toward the camera? Some casual self-groping? Not that we’re pushing or anything.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

To watch Benjamin answer your questions, follow the JUMP:

NOTE: Manhunt Daily and Manhunt do not specifically endorse smoking or substance abuse in any way, shape or form. This isn’t a disclaimer so much as a reminder to you, as readers, that we actively encourage you to make responsible decisions in your life as a whole, however you may interpret that.

387 thoughts on “Part One: Benjamin Godfre Answers YOUR Questions!

  1. It’s so nice to see him in pictures… He’s cute, but the way he speaks… A video does not make justice to him, pictures really do!!! Voiceless would be nice! ha!!!

  2. Make it stop….we are better off by looking at his pics than hear an other stoned young queen side step his sexuallity….shut up and pose…cus the clock is ticking….

  3. haha… he seems like a great guy, great sense of humor, but this wins him no awards :/
    except for him being half naked… ūüôā

  4. Ummm….there are no words.
    Good Lord…that was a very long 7 minutes. I feel like a need a nap after trying to listen to that stoner.

    Half of this video is nothing more than him puffing on & blowing out the smoke from that cig (or whatever it was – note to Ben: no, that does not look cool…at all).¬† Perhaps it was what he was smoking, but he doesn’t¬†appear to the same degreee of intelligence he supposedly looks for in everyone else (you know, since he’s “sapiosexua,” so we can’t specify men or women).

    Sorry Ben, but I don’t see you starting up an “international organization” anytime soon.

    I’m in complete agreement with the first two reviewers.¬† Just keep you mouth shut (therefore no part 2, please!) and only pose for the camera.¬† Although his hot factor as dropped a little for me now.

  5. For someone that purports to to be attracted to intelligence, he sure doesn’t seem to have (or at least seem to present) much of his own.¬†

  6. Oh please, like there is any doubt that queen is gay?  Had to shut if off after 45 seconds.  The talking and attitude killed what little physical attractiveness he had going for him.

  7. He’s a hot, sexy, steamy, gorgeous, 24 year old stoner and the joint was a total turn-off. Good eye candy but, damn, he’s a ding dong!

  8. I have a sinking feeling that Ben Godfre has just fallen from that #1 spot. MH…we maybe should have left this as a txt based interview. Poor kid…oh wait, he’s still gorgeous so I’m sure he’ll be alright.

  9. made it to 2 mins. and that was pushing it. Are you turned on by intelligence because you have so little?  Shut up and take your clothes off.

  10. These comments, seriously?¬† I get that his voice might not be attractive to you, but that doesn’t mean we should just kick him to curb.¬† He is who he is, not everyone will live up your standards.¬† Besides some of us like variety around here.¬† For a model that was nice enough to reach out his fans, you guys are really kicking him in the balls for not being your dream man.¬† I’m wondering how many of you would say these things to him face to face.

    I still think he’s gorgeous and sweet.¬† I’ll gladly take him off everyone’s hands.

  11. You know, I’d be okay with the voice or the limp wrists or whatever if the setup was different.¬† Maybe a little self-recorded confession cam type thing in his bedroom that lasted half as long.¬† That would be fun and cute.

    But the lounging-on-the-chaise pose, the wafting¬†cigarette smoke, the hipster hat-but-no-shirt wardrobe¬†and the deep-thought/contemplative responses to pretty simple questions were just too much.¬† Dude, stop acting like your shit doesn’t¬†stink like everybody else’s.

    I hope he’s good in the sack because I would blow my brains out if I had to sit across the dinner table from him on a date.¬†¬†¬†¬†

  12. Know why these comments are so negative? ¬†Gay men are notorious for criticizing anything that they cannot have or do themselves. ¬†Benjamin is a great guy, and a lot of the silliness is just part of his personality. ¬†He’s very intelligent but he likes to keep things light too. ¬†I encourage you to communicate with him through his website, ¬†He does his best to respond to everyone.

  13. No one said he wasn’t a great guy..just a young stoner.. And gay men don’t have to have a reason to criticize …’s their nature….sum of us have all we could ask for and then sum..he did nothing to get those looks…they came from his gene pool……

  14. Thank you! ¬†In life we are doled out either looks or brains. Go with your strengths! ¬†I have no interest in the thoughts or opinions of any celebrity (mainstream or porn) who is just eye candy. ¬†Keep the pie hole closed and show me some skin. ¬†It’s God’s will ¬†; ¬†)

  15. People are commenting about his lack of intelligence in the video. In my opinion, you can not sound itellectual when a plethora of the questions asked regard his orientation and his interest in skateboarding. He is in college, which means he has to possess certain qualities that and intellect would have aquired. Next time before being ignorant posting rude comments about his brain, do a little research.

  16. How is he a douche? You are the one likeing every post that is insulting him. You seem like a bitter cunt.

  17. First time ever I heard his voice….Yeah, I know what he meant “opened to all sex”…especially with that LISP. Johnny Weir is gonna be, like: “That fag…”

  18. The overreaction to this video is hilarious! ¬†I remember what it was like to be 24, and this seems fairly typical. ¬†He’s an attractive guy, and he’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. ¬†Smoking a joint on camera isn’t the smartest thing one can do, but if all he is doing is smoking a little weed, I don’t see who that is hurting. ¬†Isn’t that what your early 20s is for?

  19. He very well may be a great guy, but it didn’t come across in this video.¬† The whole point of this was to allow fans to get to know the real person behind the beautiful image in his pictures.¬† But instead of being real, he puts on this fake show and gives a bunch of¬†crap answers.¬† I don’t know if he was trying to be hard or funny or cool, but it didn’t work.¬† And I wish someone had told him that before he posted this¬†video and subjected himself to all this scorn.¬†

  20. Darn he didn’t answer my question about what his favorite color is. I was going to enter the design the front page contest he has on his site, and i was going to use his favorite color in it.

    As for my thoughts about the rest of the interview, I remember when Dewitt wrote a post classifying gay guys into different stereotypes:

    there was the art gay
    the power bottom
    the bitter queen etc

    As for Benjamin he is a new type – the philosophical stoner, mixed with the artist, mixed with a bit of comedy and a bit of oddness at times to be the new type otherwise known as the Benjamite.

    Its like if one mixed the comedy of Robin Williams with the personality and oddball effect of Napolean Dynamite and the looks of Ryan Reynolds and added a gay twist one would get Benjamin.

    As for the interview a few tips:
    What i didn’t like:

    1)The smoking – since it was very distracting and interferes with the visual effect of the interview

    2)As he answers questions, he says the guy who asked the question’s name in a different tone and then pauses for effect – it really came off as kind of sarcastic and patronizing in a way – it was unintentional but still

    3) The posture – the partial recline posture just kind of looked spastic in some of the clips

    So for the next interview to work on that.

    What I liked:
    1) The sense of humor that would pop out at times. I liked the “lust away” – oh god lust away very funny

    2)The attempt at the laid back approach – maybe for the next interview he can do it in black and white and with a different setting – more charged atmosphere like at the back of an alley with walls filled with graffiti. At night maybe.

    3) He is a good looking guy so yes it was nice seeing him

  21. God people! A straight man independently thanking gay men for showing his material, agreeing to answer questions, doing so & now all he gets is bitching, put downs, made fun of,¬† & told he’s a liar. If you don’t like something why ruin it for those who do like it? It’s bullshit. It’s also making it less likely for another male model to do the same thing.

    I wanted to thank Benjamin for answering the questions & posting his pictures on Twitter.

  22. RaE, you got one in there! Not sure if he mentions your name, but he definitely addresses a few things you asked about. ūüôā

  23. Look, he’s very nice, I actually think his voice is kinda sexy, I can forgive the douchey hipster posing, it’s fine not to know what you want in life at 24, I had very smart suitemates who smoked pot constantly, and I’d still hop in bed with him if I were lucky enough to get the opportunity. That doesn’t change the fact that he sounded like an airhead. I don’t care if the questions weren’t very intellectually stimulating – there’s still a way to answer them with smart, witty zest, and instead he was giving vapid Miss America type answers.

    If the mh blog is going to shove this guy down our throats (not literally – that would actually be enjoyable) as God’s gift to humanity not only for his outsides (which, though stunning, are not necessarily better than everyone else’s on The Ten) but for his insides too, then we ought to give some honest feedback. It was a very nice gesture and I appreciate the thought, Ben, but let’s stick to looking at your art and not listening to you talk about it.

  24. jmpretty there were some non-sexual questions he could have answered and thus he could have demonstrated his intellect – i remember the

    what things create drive in your life?
    one guy asked which was pretty interesting

    i asked about his favorite author

    there was some other guy asking for tips to make it in a highly competitive modelling industry in terms of photography

    so yeah maybe it was the questions that were finally selected which were a bit much and OTT. i think there should have been a nice mix of the sexual questions and the interesting questions – don’t know who picked the final set – the mhstaff or benjamin but the questions were too much of the same thing – but i think he needs to drop the joint smoking for the interviews

  25. Ouch! It doesn’t look like the interview really helped his standing here. I still think he’s adorable and sexy and now fun too. I have no need to judge him for anything he does or any way he does it. Good on him for being the unique individual that he is.

  26. If I can gag him, I would also be more than happy to still fuck him.

    Even though he’s braindead.

  27. Did anyone actually call him silly?

    I for one am personally grateful for the comments. I was literally dreading that the kind of inanely pretentious¬†rambling on display¬†in Benjamin’s video¬†would be met with indifference or blind acceptance. In fact, this kind of thing restored my faith in the human race a little.

    And, Lee, be realistic: straight guys, women, black people- EVERYONE criticizes what they don’t like and passionately, naively at times,¬†support what they do like. Benjamin has gotten about as much credit as he’s earned. He’s a 10 in terms of looks, so that’s what he deserves to be recognized for. And, to para-repeat one of my favorite responses, I would also need a gun if I were engaged in conversation with him for longer than a minute.

    Now, I am gay and I’d like to be able to have my own crazy restaurant, sing, and direct a horror film. Are these things Mr. Godfre even aspires to? So… what am I tearing him down for again?

  28. I don’t have time to Like every post insulting him myself but… I wouldn’t call anyone here bitter if I were you.

  29. Gay Ivy Grad’s reply should have more Likes. The fact that Jmpetty1’s whiny rant gets 4 and this gets only 3 is sickening. GIG met us all right in the middle, showing that rationality can be realistic and¬†constructive as well as critical.

  30. Having met and worked with Ben, I can attest to the fact that there are few people who try harder to please¬†¬†their fans than he does.¬†¬† He’s full of energy, enthusiasm, and is one of the most down-to-earth people you will meet.¬†¬† He does have a wacky sense of humor and I suppose if you don’t know him, it might catch you off guard as in the videos.¬† Maybe a slightly different interview style would have endeared him to more people.¬† But he’s serious about his work and is well-intentioned through and through.¬†¬† You don’t have to agree with or condone what everyone does, but that doesn’t mean they are not worthy of your consideration and attention.¬†

  31. Wow what a bunch of self haters there are on this board. I mean if you don’t like something just move on. The only reason to be so nasty is because you cant love even yourself. Most of you probably still¬† hate yourselves for being gay but trust me when you accept who you are and surround yourself with people who also accept you for who you are ” It will get Better”. Because right now your no better than the bullies that have bullied you. I am not going to comment on Ben’s video other than to say Thank you Mr, Godfre for taking the time to share with your fans.

  32. hehe. You guys are so fickle. Where is the love? I still love you even tho you’re judgmental and negative. Peace and love dude!! ūüôā

  33. Im not quite sure where all the negativity came from. ¬† If we are always constantly telling people that they should be tolerant, shouldn’t we be tolerant too? ¬† ¬†He was speaking to his FANS and he answered the questions as straight forward and honest as he could. ¬† He’s a good looking dude, easy on the eyes and he has an opinion — is it that good looking dudes who are easy on the eyes and talking to their FANS are NOT supposed to speak, just look pretty? Or is it the fiction that because he is good looking that somehow he must be an a-hole? ¬†Bitter, party of one, your table is ready… bitter party of one. ¬†I liked the interview. ¬†And there was no reason for the bitchiness that followed.

  34. My GOD I thought ben would be much more interesting than this. Look, i aint gonna say much bad about him because in my book he is STILL one of my top ten most gorgeous men on the planet.. but smoking that bone and that girly voice? BITCH PLEASE! he is much hotter when he is silent.. i would have no choice but to either gag him or duct tape his mouth shut cause i couldnt stand his voice. he’s sexy as fucj and i’d do him in a long as he didnt talk

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