A Salute To Power Bottoms: Andrew Elliot Edition

If we were to make a list of 2011’s best sex scenes, Andrew Elliot‘s double-penetration session with Gabriel Clark and Trent Diesel would be toward the top of our list. There was something so raw and animalistic about the way those two took complete control of their bottom boy, and you could tell from his expressions that Andrew loved every minute of his hole getting used and abused.

While it’s not exactly clear why Cocky Boys hasn’t added Andrew to their ever-growing roster of exclusive models, they at least had the sense to reunite him with their resident jackhammer top. Gabriel certainly doesn’t disappoint with this performance. After sufficiently ramming Andrew with his fingers and a giant dildo, he gives him another hardcore pounding that he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Oh, but that’s not all! Just wait until the part where Gabriel stuffs Andrew with his cock and the giant dildo… Geez, what’s with this kid and double penetration? Not that we’re complaining or anything. Keep bringing him back, Cocky Boys, as long as he keeps taking it like a champ and moaning like a little bitch! We’re kind of in love.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

To watch Andrew Elliot getting his hole drilled by Gabriel Clark, follow the JUMP:

Before we get to this scene, remember when Gabriel first fucked Andrew? (watch here)

How about when Gabriel and Trent Diesel tag-teamed him? (watch here)

Now that we’ve taken a trip down memory lane, here’s the latest from these two. (watch here)

Still not enough? View an extended clip here, or watch the full scene NOW at Cocky Boys!

866 thoughts on “A Salute To Power Bottoms: Andrew Elliot Edition

  1. Hardly a “power bottom”. And I’ve seen my share of power-bottoms . . . he is not one. He just likes getting double-dicked is all.

  2. When it says “follow the JUMP” — whare is the Jump? I have clicked on a few things but none take me to where i can see “To watch Andrew Elliot getting his hole drilled by Gabriel Clark” .. most take me to home pages of other websites (or manhunt’s home page)

  3. The amount of times I have came to him getting pounded by Trent and Gabriel is…well…wet.
    With semen.
    Good luck finding it.

  4. When you first enter manhuntdaily.com, you’re reading teasers for the various blog posts. Clicking on the post title takes you to the full post … that’s the “jump” they speak of.

  5. That’s not how I view the blog … I see the entire page.. and the “follow the jump” makes zero sense.  This is just another case of Manhunt not doing any user testing and so what they THINK is OK to view – really ISNT

  6. Not all of the pictures bring you to the video .. some bring you to the home page of that website… This is Manhunt doing PISS POOR user testing *YET AGAIN*.    To add insult, if you ask Manhunt for help, they give you directions, or answers that have ZERO to do with your question.

  7. Go and find yourself a guy and let him pound your ass senselessly until you feel every drop of him cum dripping in your ass. You may feel better on yourself after he cum deep in your ass. Trust me.
    In other words, just chill and enjoy the blog.

  8. it’s not the btm or the top that will make alone the GREAT scenes/movies! There has got to be that right chemistry… so there You are!!!

  9. I’ve never figured out what that phrase means either.  Seems there is always a bunch of pictures below it that you scroll through, with a link here and there.  But I’ve never jumped, and don’t know what that means in the context used in these posts.

  10. I don’t know what your problem is, or, more specifically, what medium you’re using to view this web site.  I use Internet Explorer from my desktop and going to manhuntdaily.com takes me to a page that has quick headlines and blurbs of each post.  At the end of each blurb, it says read/see more after the jump.  By clicking on that link, I’m taken to a separate page that just contains that post.  It may include more text or pictures or video clips, plus it has the comments.  The original text doesn’t change, so it will still say ‘click on the jump’ at the bottom of the original blurb; basically what you’ve done is just expanded the post.

    All I can figure is that you’re somehow linking directly to the already-expanded blurbs and bypassing the home page.  Then there would be no link to jump to, since you’re already there.

    This is the way the site has always worked and really, it’s just like dozens of other web pages I’ve been on.  I don’t know why you are so worked up about this.  You need to seriously CHILL THE FUCK OUT!  If the site is so annoying, don’t come here and save us all your pointless tirades.

  11. Now that I’ve gotten that rant off my chest…

    Gabriel Clark could do whatever he wanted to my body, my mouth, and especially my ass.  He has a GREAT body and has the makings of a huge porn star.  Can’t wait to see him do more within the industry!

  12. I get to this by clicking on whatever the current title is that is showing under “Manhunt Blogs” on the main page. It takes me directly to a page that we see above.  That jump thing makes no sense when you come at it that way. I’m with the guys above, it hasn’t ever made sense to me but it’s one of those “who cares…there’s the pics” so I’ve not really gotten caught up in it.

  13. click on ” continue reading”   it works trust me. Did your Mom adjust the settings on your browser so you can’t view porn?

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