Paddy O’Brian Looks Ridiculous In Leather.

Let’s address this picture of Paddy O’Brian! Is the man wearing the leather, or is the leather wearing the man? Now, I’m willing to accept that someone thought it’d be sexy to put the popular gay-for-pay performer in a leather cap, leather harness and bright red fetish shorts. However, I firmly stand that there’s something forced and unnatural about Paddy wearing this get-up.

The good news? Those shorts last for very long in Paddy’s new scene with Dominic Pacifico. The bad news? There is none. Dominic Pacifico is slurping on Paddy’s mushroom head, licking that hairy ass and getting rammed like a hungry slut. What could possibly be bad about that?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Butch Dixon

Click through to watch Paddy fuck Dominic Pacifico:





OH! This is better:

This is much better:

Oh no! The shorts are back:

But not for long:

And, now, I’ll shut up and let these guys fuck in peace:


Watch the full scene NOW at Butch Dixon.

29 thoughts on “Paddy O’Brian Looks Ridiculous In Leather.

  1. Yeah. The shorts ain’t bad, but he looks like a kid trying to dress like his (leather) dad in the cap and harness. 🙁

  2. The harness is a) on backwards and b) too big for him … also you don’t mix rubber and leather.. you wear one or the other.

  3. The mix of leather and latex.. Flocked wallpaper. Stodgy studded furniture. And a Cleopatra couch for fucking. Yeah, the costume and scenic team was off its game for this one.

    Two hot guys, however, who look great together.

  4. Well it’s good that he’s branching out and exploring new scenes. The shorts actually look pretty good on him (especially with his cock sticking out of them) but that harness is just way too big for him so he looks lost in it. It should fit tight and not have all those straps sticking out.  I agree however that he looks MUCH HOTTER in the blue track pants.

  5. The expression, “Don’t guild the Lilly” is apropos.  Apparently the stylist is not from Regulation.

  6. 1. You do not mix leather and rubber. 
    2. The harness needs to be adjusted tighter on his chest, it looks like its  falling off. 
    With that being said…still looks hot! I would not kick him out of my bed. 

  7. Amen you don’t mix them!  I thought the shorts were leather at first.  Let it be known…LEATHER SHOULD ONLY BE BLACK!

  8. He really does look ridiculous, and it’s completely unnecessary. What is Paddy’s erect dick failing to do that the leather getup is compensating for? Is he soo hot naked that they had to tone it down with a ridiculous getup for the safety of the viewing audience?

  9. Yeah, some guys just don’t have the attitude to make leather believable.  If you look too much like you’re wearing it for show, it ruins the effect

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