Danell Leyva: Your First Sexting Olympian Of 2012

Sexting is the best. Those of you who are gay or bi dads of teenagers might feel differently, but what the hell do you know? It’s awesome when hellaciously sexy Olympic gymnasts do. Check out this plethora of pics that Danell Leyva sent to some woman that proceeded to post them online when he reportedly “played” her. Was Danell dating someone from a reality show? Oh, and fuck – he’s straight? That bizarro opening ceremony was bad enough, and now we learn he eats pussy? *crest-fallen*

Anyway, these pics are IT (some nice cock outlines), and Queerty reports that there might be some even racier ones on the way? Does this mean dick shots? It sounds like dick shots. HUZZAH!

Fun Fact: The Sword has “revealed” (it’s The Sword, so cum grano salis) that Danell’s brother (?) is porn star Damien Crosse. They DO look alike. Hmm.

– J. Harvey

Check out Danell Leyva’s naughty pics after the BREAK:

1,112 thoughts on “Danell Leyva: Your First Sexting Olympian Of 2012

  1. That’s like the last thing I care about when I’m looking at someone with a body like that…

  2. hes hot but he totally choked last night in gymnastics… all that work and preparation for nothing.. not even close to a metal…  i have just the thing to make him feel better

  3. I was expecting the n00ds!
    I forgot the sexting doesn’t mean naked.
    I want Jonathan Horton sexting.
    This guy is okay muscles nice, face meh, I agree he choked.

  4. TVGuide.com has a pic of him in competition, and he’s sporting a raging hard on!  And it doesn’t look small in that pic, so he must be quite the grower.

  5. whenever you’re a hot olympian is there even a point of sexting (other than posting things like this online and giving me a boner)?

    can’t you just be like…hey…i’m going to the olympics…and clearly.

  6. How do you guys know he has a small dick???? Are you fucking experts????? He is probably a grower not a shower, get a fucking life!!!!!!!!   This guy has the sort of body I’d die for……… And so handsome………

  7. I’m not buying the jilted girlfriend story.  He used to post pics similar to these via his own blog/Instagram/Twitter account, he poses in his batman underwear, and shaves his head on youtube. 

  8. I didn’t realize “nothing” was being at the olympics….You must be an amazing athlete to throw that word in.

  9. His Dad Ian is more my type. I couldn’t stop drooling when they would show him in the audience rooting for him. They should shown him more. I will pass on this Olympian.

  10. @fullmontynyc75.   see what happens when one makes a stupid premature comment in chat which puts one down?!  the joke is on you!  he did get close to a metal -it’s called Olympic Bronze!  

  11. Why?  Some guys like big dicks.  Some don’t.  It’s ok that people like short gymnasts with smaller penises.  Other guys like big, hairy men with something between their legs.  Just move on.

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