Orlando Bloom’s Short Shorts (& Butt) Are Making Us Thirsty AF

Pirates of the Caribbean star and Katy Perry’s beau Orlando Bloom apparently isn’t shy about showing off everything his mama gave him! Even after blessing the world back in 2016 with some vacation pics that left nothing (and we mean NOTHING) to the imagination, he’s still out there doing the lord’s work of keeping everyone thirsty AF, and for that, we have no choice but to stan! 

Entertainment gossip and news website Just Jared captured some casual paparazzi pics of the 43-year-old British heartthrob running some errands and grabbing some coffee over the past weekend in Los Angeles, and while that normally wouldn’t be something to write home about, it was his um…attire that piqued some interests from some internet stans. 

Yes, a responsible, face-masked Daddy Bloom was showing off all of his best assets in a pair of black athletic short shorts that again, left little to the imagination…and as expected, Twitter had a field day. 

On behalf of peach lovers everywhere, we thank you for your service, Mr. Bloom. 

Via Pride

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