One Of The Few Good Things To Come Out Of Last Night’s VMAS: Lockhart Brownlie

You might have seen this at last night’s VMAs.

That’s Lockhart Brownlie. He’s Katy Perry‘s badonka donk-blessed backup dancer. Fiery hot, he kept my attention the entire time during Katy’s closing number. Bitch could have been covering a G.G. Allin song, and I wouldn’t have noticed. Because Lockhart was everything.

He’s been on Glee and, also, was featured on awards show facial expression waterfall Taylor Swift‘s last tour. He is my everything. I don’t think I’ve wanted to motorboat an ass so badly SINCE I COULDN’T SEE JOEY FATONE‘S, BECAUSE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS A FUCKING EGOMANIAC AND HID THE MEN WHO HELPED HIS RISE IN FOG AND LOW-LIGHTING. Threatened diva with with processed hair!

– J. Harvey

Check out more of Lockhart below:
















11 thoughts on “One Of The Few Good Things To Come Out Of Last Night’s VMAS: Lockhart Brownlie

  1. Thanks for making my stalking easy!!! I didn’t even watch her the whole time and kept saying ,” who the hell is that dancer…I MUST find him “.

  2. yes! he was the one to catch my eye when I watched this, so very very hot! thanks for finding out the name guys!

  3. saw him on glee dancing wit britney and with kate hudson n in teh taylor swift vid hes so pretty but till this post no idea wat his name was…..such a gorgious man with or without the beard love it all hehe

  4. Haha! I told Dewitt about this beautiful man before I saw this post. He is a dream! There was one shot of his ass before the performance, when they were coming out of the truck and waking through the crowd. That’s when I fell in love. I want to eat it for days and days and days

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