Okay, Now You’re Just Taunting Me…

I’ve come to the conclusion that Randy Blue is just fucking with my head. After writing about their ridiculously hot scene between Nicco Sky and Nick Sterling, they’ve churned out two more scenes that I simply couldn’t resist posting. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Cayden Ross (bottom left) and Trent Davis (bottom right), especially when they’re getting fucked Chris Rockway (top right) and Bryce Tucker (not pictured).

As if that weren’t enough, they also added a new solo clip from some guy named Lance Bryant. Initially, I thought he was too pretty for me—dirty blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and clean-cut demeanor. And then he got naked. His cock is deliciously thick, with a nice ol’ helmet that’d feel great rubbing between your cheeks. Also? DAT ASS. It’s hairy and extremely lickable.

This isn’t the first time Randy Blue has overwhelmed me with a merciless onslaught of hotness, and I’m relatively certain that it won’t be the last. However, don’t expect me to write about them for the next two weeks, unless they release a scene of Max London and Patrick O’Brien tag-teaming Ryan Stack.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To watch these two scenes, follow the JUMP:


Additional clips over here.



Additional clips over here.



Additional clips over here.

386 thoughts on “Okay, Now You’re Just Taunting Me…

  1. i have an unhealthy obsession with cayden ross —- he’s got to be my biggest porn crush right now — perfection!!!

  2. You’re not the only one.  He needs to reproduce, stat.  Those genes need to be continued.

  3. Love all those men! Except good call on not showing Bryce’s picture. Can someone say butterface?

  4. Wow. This is unfair that I haven’t watched all of these scenes already.
    ALSO. Please look at Cayden just makin’ Chris Rockway deepthroat that shit. Hottt.
    Chris normally isn’t very good at takin’ the cock.

  5. Oh Man! He’s so fucking hot. I want him in my ass so bad, I’d be willing to do “anything” for his amazing cock. Want to suck it, want him deep in my ass. Oh Man! I’m about to cum just thinking about this fine piece of hot cock. My ass wants him deep inside — right now!

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