Oh, So Apparently Some Stuff Happened This Month?

For all the times we’ve written about the quest to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it may seem out of character that we didn’t write about the Senate’s vote over the weekend. Honestly, we had planned on doing an update this past Monday morning, but then we got distracted by Chris Hacker‘s butt and Scotch Inkom‘s beard.

Alas, better late than never! This morning, President Barack Obama signed the repeal of the seventeen year-old military policy, finally fulfilling his campaign promise to end this discriminatory practice. Of course, it’s still unclear when the repeal will go into effect. The Pentagon wants a year or more to implement the new policy, in order to train and prepare the force for “open service”.

In completely unrelated news, there have been some rather intriguing developments in the medical field, particularly related to HIV/AIDS. It was reported earlier this month that the first patient–a 44 year-old American living in Berlin–was essentially “cured” through a bone marrow transplant. However, experts have warned that the procedure is very risky and has not proven to work in everyone…

Continuing that train of thought, it might not be too long until a one-minute HIV test hits the market. Current rapid tests take 15-30 minutes to show results, so this is pretty damn major. While we hate to group all of these news items into one mega-post, we’d love to hear your thoughts on these developments!

– Dewitt

To watch a video of President Obama signing the repeal, follow the JUMP:

16 thoughts on “Oh, So Apparently Some Stuff Happened This Month?

  1. There is definitely research that has shown a handful of individuals in our population (unfortunately, just a handful) that somehow have a gene mutation which essentially prevents them from becoming HIV positive. However, that kind of genetics research ever benfetting the rest of us is light years away from ever producing a cure for HIV/AIDS.

    And just FYI, I’m not sure what rapid HIV tests that article is referring to, but in NJ there are many rapid HIV testing centers that offer an oral rapid HIV test (it looks exactly like the one pictured in the article), and it only takes approximately 5 minutes. It’s just my personal opinion, but I’d rather the HIV test take a few extra minutes to be completely accurate, rather than only 1 minute to complete. The 5 minute wait is no big deal. But that’s just me.

  2. Hey Dewitt, you also missed the merger of Falcon & Raging Stallion. Did you see the press release titled: “AEBN Acquires Falcon Studios and Merges with Raging Stallion”

  3. Should DADT be repealed? Yes, yes it should. Everyone should have the right to be a murdering bigotty crapdump asshole, not only straight ones. Now, if I’m happy that many gay people actually want that for their life? No, I’m not. But that’s just me.

  4. So it’s great that finally a Soldier can be who they are and still fight for their Country.

    On a side note why were so many pens needed for the President to sign this repeal?

  5. One step forward. More than DADT, we need federally recognized same sex marriage. Until we get there, we still have to cover more grounds.

    Speaking of HIV, they unleashed the deadly disease intentionally to maintain the world population. That is just my crazy idea. But kudos for the scientists who wont sleep until they find the cure for HIV.

  6. “The Pentagon wants a year or more to implement the new policy, in order to train and prepare the force for “open service”.”

    > Ummm…why do they have to pretend like there aren’t already gays serving? What sort of “training and preparation” is needed to openly allow gays in the military? Let them practice with dildoes first?

  7. This is an incredible step forward for us as a nation. Our government is now sending the message that it is okay to be gay. If they allow LGBT people to serve openly then all those young LGBT kids will know that being gay (LGBT) is not reason for suicide. Yes, we have further to go to achieve full equality but this is a major and powerful next step in the process. Even the redneck homophobes got a wake up call on this one. More gay people will come out because of it and then more str8 people will realize “oh, I do know gay people and they’re okay”. Knowledge is power. Finally Congress did something that we can be proud of as a nation. Finally we have a President who gets it.
    Santa has been very good to us this year.

  8. Boom! This is done……….Now go and tell that, Homeboy!
    Nah but seriously, I’m glad the year is ending with this type of news.

  9. “…we had planned on doing an update this past Monday morning, but then we got distracted by Chris Hacker‘s butt and Dale Rowse‘s beard.”

    Then they should sack you guys and hire people for the politics section that actually give a damn. It’s insulting to think you get a salary for this dribble.

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