Now Presenting: 2012′s Manhunt Man of The Year

2012 Manhunt Man of The Year

It’s time for one of 2012’s Manhunt Men of the Week to ascend to our online stage, claim his scepter (it’s a big dildo, this is Manhunt) and be crowned by us (cumshot on the forehead). Our 2012 Manhunt Man of the Year will receive SIX MONTHS of Unlimited Access on Manhunt as a prize. He’ll also find his inbox full, seeing as he’s the 2012 MANHUNT MAN OF THE YEAR. That’s a huge deal!

If you want to make sure you’re in the running for next year’s MOTY, go here to take our Manhunt Questionnaire. Good luck, and Happy New Year!

(See last year’s top ten here.)

– J. Harvey

Click through to find out who won the title of Manhunt Man of The Year (the suspense is giving me a boner):



The most unusual place he’s had sex: “I had sex in many odd places but that one time in a busy bar was hot. I was fucking a guy in the bathroom as someone opened the door, looked shocked and said…uh,..sorry, and he closed the door again and we just went on fucking…lol”


9. COOP01:

His hottest Manhunt hookup: “The hottest hookup was with a guy named Reno in Toronto. There was no small idle chit chat, he just wanted to fuck… The guy was really muscular, hairy, with a bubble butt… And a total pig. I left to go to his as soon as possible. I fucked him in all manner of positions on and off the bed, and after an hour or two… He wanted to be pissed on. Took him to the shower, where I sprayed urine all over him while he jerked off and came drinking my piss…. Fucking hot!”



His thoughts on penis size: “Size can matter. It all depends on what I’m in the mood for. I think that the personality and bond makes the sex more intense, over the size of a cock. Some of the hottest sex I’ve had just had to do with the situation, the guy, and the reason behind the sex. However, I can say the same thing for occasions where I’ve ran into some really hung studs. I think size gets you attention, but confidence and presence will get you remembered.”



His hottest Manhunt hookup: “Hottest hookup had to be with my current boyfriend… After 16 months, we are still together and doing porn together. We met for the first time at a party in south Chicago, and hit it off right off the bat. We have been together ever since. He’s hot as hell. His porn name is Ayden Marx… My porn name is Rylan Shaw. But other than the fact he is hot as fuck, he is literally the nicest, sweetest, most caring man I have ever met.”



The most unusual place he’s had sex: “I must admit that I am boring on this… I am very much indoors. I just love sex in a large bed with white sheets under a huge warm duvet. Under covers is my favorite. Hence, I don’t like any outdoors, even sex with open windows freaks me out.”



His top three sexiest men in the world: “My two Boyfriends TODD & CARL from palm springs WOOF!!!! And of course there is this boy Sean “Stagxxx” from Manhunt. Such a hottie. I made a home video with him for xtube. This boy was smoking hot, huge cock, nice body, perfect ass and a completely innocent look that made my heart go boom!!! Who knows who else. So many hot men that it makes no sense to name a movie star. I like guys I can have, and the list is long and unfair to leave anyone out.”



His thoughts on penis size: “Size doesn’t really matter for me as long as I like the appearance of the person I am with – I would say that size comes in at the end which is not that important at all.”



His favorite part on another guy: “His heart. I know, *eye roll*. But I really do have a strong attraction to guys that are sweet and not jaded/pessimistic/snobby about everything.”


2. JOHNDOE6745:

His hottest Manhunt hookup: “There was this bartender up in Columbia Heights that found me on MH. I had seen him out a few times and thought he was hot. He messaged me and we chatted for a little bit and I ended up meeting up up at his bar. Stayed there till after they closed, went to the managers office and had ourselves some naked fun.”


1. STALLION1234:

His hottest Manhunt hookup: “The hottest hookup I’ve had through Manhunt included a pool side at night, the kitchen counter, the shower, and of course the bed. One message from an incredible sexy man with a phone number started it off which lead to him coming over to my place, during the night, in a tank top and swim suit. The swim suit didn’t stay on all that long because swimming naked is the way to go! 4 hours later, after we made our way throughout the house, we ended sweaty, breathless, and naked on the bathroom rug. Hot and intense!”



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