Now Presenting: The 2014 “Get Inside Me Now” Award

The time has come to announce my ten favorite tops of 2014. As previously noted, I agonized over these rankings a little bit more over the past week, if not only because there were too many outstanding options available. The final recipients are men who pound ass in a way that inspires me to be better, and in certain cases, their mere presence alone would be enough to make me weak in the knees.

(See last year’s list here.)

You won’t be too surprised to see names like Rocco Steele, Rogan Richards, Gabriel Clark and Austin Wolf, but there might be a few (hopefully pleasant) surprises along the way as you scroll down. Please, take a moment to study each and every one of these men, whether you’re a top, bottom or completely versatile. We could all learn something from them.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Tim Tales

Check out the ten men who made me scream “Get Inside Me Now” in 2014:



Landon Conrad

Who didn’t Landon Conrad fuck in 2014? I’m half-convinced that he fucked me when I wasn’t looking, because seriously, there wasn’t a single porn star he wasn’t inside of this year. As the winner of both Cock Fight and the far inferior So You Think You Can Fuck, I probably don’t need to explain Landon’s appeal. People love him, and it’s not hard to see why.



Edu Boxer

To my knowledge, Edu Boxer only appeared in three scenes this year, but he hit a home run with every single appearance. We first saw him reemerge in a jackhammer fuck with Dani Robles, moving on to fulfill the daddy role with Allen King and play a dirty police officer with Gabriel Vanderloo.



Austin Wilde

Over on his own site Guys In Sweatpants, our longtime pal Austin Wilde soared as he called all the shots and made the porn that he wanted to make. His seduction of bubble butt bottom JJ Swift was downright priceless and showed that personality, charm and a sense of humor can go a long way in the bedroom.



Tim Kruger

Not only did Tim Kruger introduce us to Gabriel Vanderloo and Allen King in their gay porn debuts, but he also never failed to remind us why he’s one of the hottest site owners in the gay porn universe. Dirk Caber, Hugo Arias, Diego Lauzen, Tony Milan, Bruno Boni, Christo Banderas, Erick Martin and Pablo Bravo all had the pleasure of experiencing Tim’s ginger shaft, and it’s hard to believe that any of them left the set unsatisfied or aching for more.



Cutler X

Right up there next to Rocco Steele and Boomer Banks, it’s pretty clear that Cutler X has one of the biggest dicks in the modern-day gay porn industry. However, it’s not just enough to be well-endowed, and Cutler proved that he’s more than a huge penis in clips with Dylan Hyde, Draven Torres, Igor Lucas, Tony Axel and his real-life boyfriend Adam Russo.



Austin Wolf

When he wasn’t too busy giving up his onscreen ass virginity in a flip-fuck with Kurtis Wolfe, the muscle god known as Austin Wolf brightened up the pages of Randy Blue in clips with Skylar West, Shawn Abir, Joe Clark and Angel Santiago. The best, in my opinion, was his rowdy romp with scruffy delivery boy Ian Parker. This is a man who knows the perfect combination of pain and pleasure, but who’s also aware enough to know exactly what combination his bottoms need.



Gabriel Clark

It’s a little idiotic that Gabriel Clark wasn’t one of the first names that came to mind when I started compiling this list. His attentive, playful bedside manner was present in scenes with Chris Harder, Lukas Grande, Jay Roberts, Paddy O’Brian, Levi Michaels, Kevin Carson, Christian Power, Sonny Stewart, David Corey and Max Carter. He was prolific, consistent and always on top of his game.



Rogan Richards

Rogan earned his spot on this list with a single locker room bang with Scott Hunter, then hammered things home (so to speak) in a Madrid-based extravaganza with fuzzy power bottom Paco. Along the way, he found himself inside of Jesse Jackman, Paul Wagner, David Avila, Abraham Al Malek, Darius Ferdynand and Dato Foland, making for a year full of aggressive butt drilling that his scene partners aren’t likely to forget.



Colby Jansen

One could argue that Colby Keller is better suited for the Flip-Fucker of The Year award. They’re not one-hundred percent wrong! He delivered a stellar bottoming scene with Jarec Wentworth on Randy Blue, and clips with Tayte Hanson, Paul Wagner and Paddy O’Brian were intensely demonstrative of his versatility.

But you know what? That dick overshadowed his fuzzy hole this year. The cum shots he blew on Seth Santoro and Levi Madison‘s faces were downright unbelievable, and a string of scenes filmed with Levi Michaels, Luke Adams, Max Ryder, Joseph Rough, Duncan Black and Jimmy Fanz made holes twitch on an international level.

Throw in a wildly successful, artistically-inclined crowd-funding campaign, and you’ve got a man who’s ready to take control of his career, your hole and the fucking world.



Rocco Steele

It became progressively clear to me that I wasn’t the only one who had “Get Inside Me Now” feelings about 2014 newcomer Rocco Steele‘s massive 10 x 7 inch meat. The mere mention of his name on the Manhunt Twitter account led to an overwhelming amount of fanfare, and if you logged onto Tumblr at any point this year, your eyes were likely greeted by the practically iconic sight of Rocco’s thick shaft sliding into Armond Rizzo‘s oh-so-tiny ass.

Rocco achieved the rare feat of delivering both quantity and quality. Week after week, we saw him in action with men like David Avila, Gaston Croupier, Adam Russo, Damian Gomez, Owen Powers, Nigel BanksJoseph Rough, Jon Shield, Raul Korso and David Lambert. Never once did he deliver a flimsy performance. Each of his scenes were packed with passion and genuine lust, as he licked holes, stretched them wide open and talked dirty to his bottom boys.

There’s really no debate. Rocco is the best top of 2014.



28 thoughts on “Now Presenting: The 2014 “Get Inside Me Now” Award

  1. Proof that a big dick trumps all common sense, a face like a bag of chopped ferrets and a love of disease spreading. Well done.

  2. In fact:

    “I do bareback porn and I do condom porn, and it mirrors my life. When I meet and ultimately have sex with a negative guy, I am responsible and we are safe and use condoms. If the guy is on PrEp and tells me he wants bareback, we decide to do that as two consenting adults. I have read a lot of the recent research out about transmission of HIV when one partner is negative and the other is undetectable. Although risk factor is extremely low, there is still a risk so I need to be responsible in my life to prevent further transmission.

    The same is how I like to approach my views on bareback in porn. I think there are studios that present it more responsibly than others. I think we have a responsibility even in bareback porn to educate how it can be done responsibly and I try to align myself with those studios who present it that way. I will never be that guy who vocally supports bareback porn over safe sex but it exists, so let’s be responsible about it.”

    Think before you speak, sweetie. YOU are proof that HIV stigma is alive and well.

  3. I judge LOTS. And I’m comfortable with that, because I know I have never caught a sexually transmitted disease or had any role in anybody else catching one.

  4. And I’m not going to apologise for believing that bareback porn is wrong and contributes to the continuing rise in HIV infections. He can give all the justifications he likes, I’m still not going to respect him for it.

  5. This Top 10 was about delivering the best performances as a top, not about the responsibility of HIV prevention. I liked 9 out of the ten choices. And yes, undetectable or not, I honestly believe Rocco deserves to be #1. The choices you make as an individual are yours.

  6. This is a single isolated incident. It does not involve an undetectable individual making an informed decision with another undetectable individual or someone who’s HIV negative and using PrEP.

    Very different, very unfortunate situation.

    Related to bareback porn? Yes.

    Indicative that all porn stars who do bareback porn are spreading disease? No.

    Stop with your bullshit HIV stigma. It’s not cute.

  7. No, not all porn performers who do bareback porn are spreading disease. But all porn performers who do bareback porn ARE encouraging behaviour that spreads disease. That’s what I object to. And any ‘single isolated incident’ is one too many, that wouldn’t have happened if unsafe sex wasn’t being normalised and destigmatised more every day.

  8. What a perfect gif – closing the window so you don’t have to look at or think about the uncomfortable subjects I’m bringing up.

  9. No, I’m closing the window, because this conversation is hitting a dead end.

    Your intentions may be good, but the way you present them reeks of pozphobia and ignorance.

    Also, you should learn what the word “bye” means. Any comments you make from now on will be to a closed window.


  10. The way he really f*cked Scott Hunter, and Scott’s pain+pleasure reactions, it was one of my 2014 highlights!

  11. Sorry, I think I might have skipped a year, Tim and Scott banged in late 2013, not 2014! Anyway, I sitll heart Tim, my no. 1 banger of 2013 and now 2014!

  12. that is your criterion, for me, is the best top: richard rogan, instead of landon, colby, and others, shouldbe: paddy or O’Brien, denis vega, colby jansen

  13. Thank you at least someone with bright common sense posting a reality check comment to those ignorant.
    Why does it seem like everyone praises the act of bare backing having unsafe sex on Manhunt as I just don’t get it and why?
    At my recent annual doctors check up (I am HIV- and will remain that way having safe sex) he said HIV infection is on the rise though never left us and spreading wild in the gay community as the community especially the millenials are having unsafe sex and spreading disease…disturbing!

  14. It is far more ignorant to state that poz men and HIV-negative men on PrEP can’t express themselves sexually on camera.

    You are doing nothing wrong by practicing sex with a condom. However, they are not doing anything wrong either.

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