David Guetta & Nicki Minaj: “Turn Me On”

If you didn’t enjoy Nicki Minaj‘s latest release “Stupid Hoe”, perhaps you’d prefer this thoroughly generic dance track she made with David Guetta? “Turn Me On” is the fifth single from the French DJ’s latest album Nothing But The Beat, and the video just came out earlier this morning. Be sure to lower your expectations before you hit the play button!

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the new music video for “Turn Me On”:

15 thoughts on “David Guetta & Nicki Minaj: “Turn Me On”

  1. I’m not the hugest Nicki Minaj fan, but I do love this song.   However, this video put me to sleep by the 2 minute mark.    The songs that David Guetta has put out with various artists are good, but the videos (especially Usher’s) aren’t very good.  

  2. I’ve always thought mannequins were a bit creepy. This video does NOTHING to help alleviate that belief!

  3. It was nice, watching the preview made me think it was gonna be more…uhmm…shocking, but it’s still great ^^

    Love that song!

    I’m happy for David Guetta finally finding success in the states.

  4. The only good thing about this video is david guetta in that skin tight manequin suit…. unless its not him, then the whole thing is a disapointment

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