NO DEAL PIZZAS: This Mexico-Based Bodybuilder Is Super Hot

He’s a 34 year-old top living in Mexico City with a bodybuilder physique and a whopping eight solid uncut inches packed inside his undies. You can find him on Manhunt under the name QMATADORQ, and while you’re poking around his profile to see more pictures, you can also attempt to do a better job at interpreting his profile than Google Translate. This was their semi-coherent take on the words he had written for all our horny eyeballs to gaze upon:


Now, I don’t know about you, but he had me at “NO DEAL PIZZAS”. It didn’t hurt his case that he’s got an ass I could play with for hours, though I guess that’s not exactly relevant if he identifies as a total top? Blargh! I’m not the kind of guy who believes tops should never post butt pics, but these particular butt pics seem to indicate he’s looking for some backdoor action.

Alas, I’ll take his word that he’s a total top. It’s the right thing to do.

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member QMATADORQ below:






Head over here to see more pics, view his profile or send him a message.



6 thoughts on “NO DEAL PIZZAS: This Mexico-Based Bodybuilder Is Super Hot

  1. Bitch Please…..what total top takes those pics!!!
    Girl is about as top as a blouse!
    Nothong wrong with the getting the D gurl

  2. I know total tops that like their ass eaten regularly. This works for me since I’m a total bottom that enjoys eating a nice ass…

  3. Truth! There’s a difference between enjoying some ass play and actually wanting to get fucked. I can state that from personal experience.

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