Nico Tortorella post nude pics to show off new, full body-length tattoo

Actor and model Nico Tortorella got themselves a new tattoo… and it runs from their head all the way down to their heel. Tortorella, 33, posted a series of naked images to Instagram to show off their new, abstract ink work, and to praise the artist behind it. Swipe below to see all the images.

“Ok y’all, we’ve transcended,” Tortorella said in the accompanying caption. “The next level is upon us. This feels right. I somehow found @fcknrx at this necessary moment. Their work is mind-blowing and our conversations yesterday were equally as healing. Thank you for taking on this project. And thank you for reminding me that growth and decay are inevitably one in the same. I am not going to explain what this tattoo means to me. Instead, I am going to leave you with a quote from the artist from a recent interview.”

Tattoo artist FCKNRX is the professional name for Rex Morris, based in New Haven, Connecticut. The quote from Morris that Tortorella shared said: “There’s profound hope in remembering the universe has no interest in you. More simply, in the current state of being constantly bombarded with dogmatic philosophies on how to exist socially and how to construct an identity for yourself, it can become harder and harder to decipher what you actually value.

“It’s dangerous to spend your time sorting through objects or experiences to decide whether or not they represent you. For me personally, it’s important to make time to be in nature and face its blank stare and remember that there were beautiful things before anyone decided that there were.”

FCKNRX also posted it to their own Instagram, and described the work as, “Floor to ceiling geologism.” The black ink work is largely abstract, resembling doodles, geological strata, or smoke, depending on your viewpoint, with a large cross on Tortorella’s calf.

Tortorella identifies as gender-fluid and sexually-fluid. As an actor, they have most recently appeared in The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, and the comedy-drama, Younger. They are married to Bethany C Meyers.

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