New Recruits: Zack at Active Duty

This one’s a doozy.


I’ve never been one for the “straight guy’ solo bits. There’s something campy and hilarious about the “I’ve never done this before bro,” scene partner patter that allows me to feel ok with being into it. It’s obviously BS every time, and I always sort of assume that nobody is leaving that scenario damaged or sad or anything.

But the solo clip, like this one from Active Duty featuring Zack Matthews – who my coffee-less morning brain keeps dubbing Zack Morris when I read it – always reads like the dude (whichever dude) hasn’t fully committed to this. And this guy’s Jesus-flavored Adele tshirt and claim to love “all the arts” sort of belies his confidence in what he’s doing.  None of which is to say that someone who likes Francesca Battistelli or “all the arts” can’t also enjoy jacking it on camera. It’s your life dude. I just want you to leave this feelin like you did something cool that’s gonna turn a bunch of people on, and not worried that Jesus is gonna be tossing lightning bolts at you (or whatever happens in this context) later.

But I digress. Let’s watch Zack Matthews (who has a shockingly hot (full size! 6’2″ 200+ lbs!) body, ill-chosen tattoos be damned!) aggressively masturbate while watching something slightly out of frame while Active Duty does everything in their power to shoot him from the MOST unflattering angles:



Ok. There’s a lot of good meat here. This guy has a thick cock, a great ‘bate spread, he’s smiling pretty much all the way through this, and like I said before – NICE body. Damn. I feel like somebody will scoop him up if he wants to keep doing this. He could put in some time at Sean Cody or something and learn how to not let people film him from under his chin or how to not make some of these faces.  But all the parts are in the right place if he wants a ‘cumming on cam’ journey for himself.

Speaking of that, actually – it’s not in the trailer but his cumshot is actually pretty great. He looks like he’s totally lost for a bit there and visibly loving that.


81592_01 81592_02 81592_04 81592_08 81592_09 81592_12 81592_14 81592_15


Watch Zack’s full, jizzy solo here. 

AND Active Duty is still on sale for 9.95! Don’t forget! You gotta use this link though. 😉


– tyler

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