Late Run: New Dr. Cum Control Vid!

Dozens of us rejoice! Dozens!


If you don’t know about Dr. Cum Control, that’s probably on me. Sorry. He’s an XTube thing that Jake Jaxson turned me on to last year and he’s now one of my top favorite things.

He lives in San Francisco, and basically invites guys over to tie them up and then film them getting edged into oblivion. This guy does not fuck around. They usually shoot multiple times, and he doesn’t even give them a chance to calm down before he goes right back in and starts abusing their dicks again, forcing them to ride that edge as long as they can. Eventually these dudes are actually literally begging to cum and sometimes he lets them and sometimes he doesn’t. It’s great. It’s exactly my flavor of masturbational masochism:



By the end of this one, the dude is just slimed with a frothy mixture of lube and cum and can barely control the noises he’s making. It’s pretty spectacular.


Here’s the direct link if you have problems with ads blocking the view. 


– tyler

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