New Recruit Piss Humiliation Initiation

He knew this day would come. He knew that one day he would have to prove himself to the sergeant. Although he didn’t expect to be crept up on in the bathroom after washing his hands. Suddenly his face was smashed up against the mirror, hand grabbing his ass and he knew it was his turn to take anything thrown at him.

After a quick thumb us the ass he was soon on his knees sucking off his superior. he presents his ass and the offer is accepted by consuming his masters cock whole.

Sweat is dripping as his works his cock, making it wet to fuck to young recruit in the steamy bathroom. Pounding on the floor he pulls out and delivers a delicious load over his ass cheeks.

As if he hadn’t endured enough, he stands up, gobs down on his cock again and produces golden showers they stream all over the lads face.


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