Naked Sword Is Cheap AF Right Now!

Get it while you can!


For holiday weekend, Naked Sword has decided to knock their membership price wayyyy way down, and – get this – for life! So if you sign up now, it’s never gonna get more expensive, and you’ll have a lifetime supply for your spank bank, that gets added to, week after week. It’s pretty much too good to be real.

So, in honor of the occasion, I’ve come up with the top 5 reasons that Naked Sword is all the porn you’ll ever need:



5. Scenes and entire films from every major studio, including Bel Ami, Raging Stallion, Corbin Fisher, and Treasure Island Media





4. They have 18,000 (that’s thousand with a thou) scenes. If you watched 5 scenes per day, every day, for ten years, you still wouldn’t see everything Naked Sword has in the vault. 





3. That’s because they add EIGHT new scenes, literally every single day. 





2. You also get access to all of the Naked Sword Originals, and Naked Sword Film Works movies. 





1. You get everything from the biggest stars of gay porn: Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, Sebastian Kross, Austin Wolf, Brent Corrigan, and MORE. 




If none of that was enough to sell you, maybe the 14.95 price point will do the trick. You owe it to your dick to at least go take their tour.




There’s a reason they call it the Netflix of Gay Porn. Well. There’s 18,000 of them.


– tyler

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