My Favorite Shoot: Logan Scott

Gay porn stars provide us with the sexiest fucking, sucking, rimming and riding scenes imaginable. Our spank banks are indebted to them for eternity and beyond. Did you ever wonder what they consider to be their own hottest scenes? We asked our favorite fuckers to let us know what videos they’ve shot that were the steamiest or most memorable for them. Logan Scott is fairly new to the scene, but he’s made a big (yes, we’re alluding to his cock) impression on us.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Titan Men

To read about Logan Scott’s favorite shoot (with pics!), Follow the JUMP:

Since I started doing porn last April, I have to say I consider myself pretty lucky at the good experiences I’ve had overall, especially when it comes to shooting scenes. I’ve done work for both web based studios and DVD studios. The majority of my work with the DVD companies has been with Titan Media and every shoot with them has been nothing short of amazing, however, one shoot in particular stands out.

My favorite shoot to this date has to be my scene with Spencer Reed and Titan Media for the movie Consent. It was a two day shoot in Northern California, about 2 hours north of San Francisco, in this little town near Half Moon Bay, called Pescadero. I was living in Los Angeles at the time and was looking forward to spending some time in the city by the Bay. It wasn’t until I showed up at the hotel that Spencer told me we weren’t shooting at the studio, but two hours north. I also was excited because Spencer is one of my favorite people to spend time with and I was just as happy to be hanging out with him as I was to be working for Brian Mills and Titan.

The first of two days was the oral portion of the shoot. We had to be up at 6am, and I could not imagine a better wake up call than Spencer Reed; it was quite the start to a long day. The location for the scene was this isolated ranch in the middle of nowhere, similar to where I was raised, so it was a lot of fun to be working with the Titan team and Spencer pretty much in the wilderness. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Reed, or are not familiar with his work, he has one speed: on, hard, and fast! As soon as his dick was in my mouth, it was down my throat. There was a lot of positive feed back from director Brian Mills and as I recall a lot of cheering every time I got spit all over the camera lense. After the shoot was the long drive back, gym time with Spencer, dinner, and some r & r, before waking up at 6am to shoot the fucking portion.

Day 2 did not start as calmly as Day 1; after some trouble getting the hose unattached from the hotel shower and avoiding a huge fine, we were finally on our way back to Pescadero. The beginning of the scene involved me rolling a rusty barrel up a hill to find Spencer at the top. I forget exactly what he was doing, but after some suggestive eye signals, I was bent over that barrel and taking Spencer’s huge cock at Spencer’s one speed. From underneath Brian said it looked like a 13” cock slamming my ass, and it kind of felt like that too. Spencer laughed at me when I asked him to start off slowly, and I actually kind of laugh at myself now for having asked XBIZ Performer of the Year that question in the first place. The final position had me on my back getting fucked until I came. It was very hot! For me to think the scene was over at that point was very naive of me. How can you have a scene from Titan, with Spencer Reed, and have no water sports? Suffice it to say we ended the scene with Spencer taking a huge piss all over me (and my favorite Diesel Jeans).

To this day Titan is one of my favorite studios to work with and Spencer Reed is my favorite porn star, on and off camera. I would also like to mention that I’ve had great opportunities with other amazing studios and directors. Conner Habib just wrote about his favorite shoot, which was one we did together for C1R and the fabulous Chi Chi LaRue, which was one of my other favorite shoots and experiences in my career thus far.

He’s only been in the biz a short time, and he’s already been turbo-fucked and pissed on by Spencer Reed’s huge cock. Talk about a meteoric rise to fame! Thanks Logan!

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  1. Dear Logan Scott: You are one of the hottest men in porn.  I love watching you fuck other dudes.  I love watching you get fucked by other dudes.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful cock, ass, and smile with the world.  Keep it up!  Love, TommyTrojan

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