Let’s Get Kinky: Locker Room Sauna Degradation With Jordan Fox & Gustavo Rodriguez

Lately, I’ve been pondering the psychological politics of sexual degradation, wondering how closely it’s linked to rape culture and traditional stereotypes of masculinity. That’s a heavy topic to consider, especially when it’s prancing through your head right as your pinning someone’s wrists above his head […]

Let’s Get Kinky: How Many Bareback Porn Stars Does It Take To Fuck ONE Cum Slut?

Upon seeing the first pic from Jon Shield‘s latest scene on Raw and Rough, I immediately made the assumption that his six costars Scotty Rage, Armond Rizzo, Sam Dixon, Kyle Braun, Johnny Five and the hilariously-named “Boy Fillups” would take turns pounding his hairy hole. […]

DROP EVERYTHING: Bravo Delta’s 9 Inch Dick Was Inside Deviant Otter’s Magnificently Fuzzy Hole

When it was revealed to me that Bravo Delta filmed a scene for Deviant Otter, my dick immediately perked up at the thought of the fuzzy, well-endowed porn star appearing in an environment where he could get raunchier and more uninhibited than he’s ever been […]