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I was never a fan of the Twilight movies but New Moon did grab my attention because of a shirtless Taylor Lautner. With that said, I’m extremely excited for the gay porn movie Twinklight starring Twink Tank hottie Krys Perez.

Vampires and gay porn are a perfect match because they both involve a lot of sucking. Blood won’t be the only thing dripping off the actors in this movie. Anyone excited for the movie?

– Andy

To watch the trailer, follow the JUMP:

27 thoughts on “Must Watch: Twinklight Trailer

  1. I’m a neck biter during sex, so this is actually kind of hot in my opinion. I can see myself fucking my bf doggy style, missionary or spooning while watching this and leaving some massive hickies on his neck.

  2. This. Looks. HORRIBLE! Not surprised, though, being it’s based off of an equally shitty looking movie. I’m a biter too, but this is not sexy looking in the least.

  3. for it to be based on a series about vampires who DONT drink blood, there sure is A LOT of blood LoL. I will still probably try to watch it just so i can laugh.

  4. I thought there already was a gay “Twilight”. It was called “New Moon”. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. someone NOT named Afton Nills should have done this movie and it probably would have turned out pretty decent. I find it VERY hard to get aroused for most of his work.

  6. Um blood and gay sex just dont mix!! yuck! plus who really wants to see a bunch of damn twinks trying to play vampires?

  7. With all the blood I would imagine that there is NO cum shot because the one thing the AIDS epidemic has taught us ( I hope ) blood & cum do not mix !!!

  8. One would take it for granted that a vampire would know that the jugular is on the left side of the neck. Or if not, the film director should!!!

  9. Looks ridiculous. I have never seen a twilight movie and so have absolutely no interest in this. And I agree. WAY too much blood..duh

  10. Um blood and gay sex just dont mix!! yuck! plus who really wants to see a bunch of damn twinks trying to play vampires?

  11. It may be a cheesy movie but Id watch it. Always had a thing for vampires and i like a lil biting during playtime.

  12. Hot and Not…probably would watch it but looks kinda cheesy, always had a thing for vampires tho and like bitting during sex, especially around the nips or neck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. For the first John up there – there are 2 sets of Jugular veins, not just a single one, and they are on both sides of the neck.

  14. Well, I hope this is meant to be some kind of parody/joke, because if not, this movie will suck.

  15. It’s fun to read the comments people post about a film they haven’t yet watched.

    It’s a TRAILER, 1min30seconds of almost 2 hours of film. I chose to show some of the ‘fun’ clips we made during the course of filming, which I felt worked great with the music.

    This was a film everybody worked very hard to make great. Something you don’t often see in “Twink” films. This was a step up in quality, and we’re all really proud that we were able to come together and make what we feel is a fantastic film.

  16. what a bunch of nasty bitter queens, i really wonder about this younger generation of my brothers. all this instant anonymous communication like grindr n twitter n comment pages has led to them being such nasty bitter adolescent schoolgirls. their judgmental negativity wouldnt dare show in any face to face interaction. everyone would rightly shun such overt impolite nastiness. my generations bitchy comments were funny n satirical to make the oblivious aware of obvious reality. these days all i see n hear r hateful hurtful putdowns to show how superior one is to another.

    now i feel better … ahh i relish the irony … lol

    with that said, the movies a great idea and could possibly b really cool n sexual by the looks of the trailer. with Tru blood n the twilight series exciting so many with its seductive power, its about time someone did this …

  17. This looks fun I can’t wait to buy it and surprise my gay friends when we have our horror DVD night.

    About time some high quality production values have entered porn, and who knows… there might be a future Oscar winner here… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. This movie looks interesting. It is definitely something different from all the regular suck/fuck wham~bam~thank you ma’am’s. Apart from being pornography, it has an actual plot. If people enjoy all the mindless or repetitive crap online (sans some of the posters above..or is it below) by all means. But I’m definitely going to give this one a shot and watch it.

    It may not be the best, it may not have great acting, but heck, I’ll be the judge of that. Regardless, I think I’ll enjoy this movie solely because it’s completely different from most things out there… in a gay perspective, anyway.


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