Just The Tips: Ball Shaving 101

Nick Moretti makes shaving your balls look easy. The hairy, tattooed porn star posted a new video on his blog entitled “Ball Shaving 101”, and we’re glad to take any opportunity that involves looking at his cock and learning at the same time. Because, duh, he’s a totally sexy man.

On the other hand, we’re not sure if we agree with his carefree “don’t worry about the skin” attitude. We’ve nicked our nuts far too many times to know that you need to be careful down there! But even so, we have to give him kudos for the vibrating razor tip. He’s right–things are always better when they vibrate.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: SSCusp

To watch Nick Moretti shave his balls, follow the JUMP:

(via The Sword)

31 thoughts on “Just The Tips: Ball Shaving 101

  1. Ow! Why does he shave them dry? Just the thought of dry shaving my balls – or anything for that matter – makes me want to run and hide!

  2. I don’t use shaving cream to shave mine but I do use water. I shave them while I’m showering. And I do shave the shaft too.

  3. I’ve been shaving my balls and trimming my pubes for years every 2 weeks.
    I shave my shaft, too.

  4. with scottish DNA and hair 1/2 way up my shaft, I’ve shaved since puberty. The balls and shaft only. I love a clean mouth chock full’a nuts!
    So I provide it. But all shaved above as well?
    I feel like a pedophile! Hair keeps the manscent – full shaving removes your hormones and their sexy smells that make chemistry. Men – I understand freedom of choice – but I love a nice bush on top! Thanks!

  5. Don’t shave, but I do trim. Have to do the shaft because hair grows at least half-way up it. I can’t stand the feel of stubble comming in.

  6. unfortunately i can only trim, every single time (dry, wet, with or w/o cream) I cut my self, no more trying for me…

  7. Real men are hairy and I love it. If a man shaves or trims anything except for his head or face, I’m not interested in him, no matter what else he has to offer. I just don’t understand it.

  8. This man is a masochist. There is an art to shaving any part of a man’s body. I would be glad to post a video to show the proper way to shave a man’s (my) balls.


  9. This guy just does nothing 4 me BTW I do not have 2 shave ( except mustache & side burns ) naturally smooth everywhere else …

  10. I shave when I have the time (lol), or when it’s gotten to the point where I just cant take it anymore. On average like once every 3 months! Always do it in the shower w/ cream, and have never cut myself down there, so yay me!

  11. Definitely shave. The balls and I have a “V” above my cock. A rather wide “V”. I use water only. Unless I’ve let it go too long. Then I use cream. I think that unshaved balls are not fun to suck on. Love the feel of a shaved ball in my mouth!

  12. I shave my balls and shaft, in the shower with water. Trim the rest. Pubic hair is not something I want in my mouth. I hate it when a hot guy let’s things run wild down there. It makes no sense. I don’t want to search through a forest for a dick.

  13. This guy is hot. I love him every time I see him. But really, his balls — shaved or bare, it doesn’t matter — are great. Still, doesn’t anyone give props for the kicky, kitschy 1960 intro and exit? C’mon guys, we’re gay. We’re supposed to recognize these things. Give some credit for something that’s just plain funny.

  14. Shave my sac on weekly basis using baby powder. Cover the dry area to be shaved with baby powder and shave yourself. Works great!

  15. men only shave their head,or facial hair (and that’s even optional). don’t get off on plastic looking doll-men.

  16. First he is fucking HOTT…do him any fucking time…second, I shave my balls, around my asshole, and most of my cock shaft…use shaving gel…feels fucking smooth and does not dry you out like shaving cream…do the sak first, then up the shaft against the “grain” as he is, and then around my tite fuck hole…also love to shave my bottom bois…they love it too…Papi takes good care of his fuck bois…lol…shave my chest to because it showes muscle definition of the pecs…like to suck cock and eat hole, and not be spitting out fucking hair…

  17. Hahahaha, I love his sense of humour.

    That said, I find it weird to look at shaved balls and hairy chest. I mean, the two just don’t go together. If you’ll be hairless, be hairless all over, if you’re hairy, don’t remove anything.

  18. NAIR!!!! balls and ass…once a month is usually plenty. havent put it on my cock…just to many chemicals dont want to fuck with the sensitivy 😛

    TIA Ellie CHONG
    ILEANA FE Izzy

  20. If you use powder Gold Bond or Baby Powder), you don’t get the irritation, nicks or razor burn. Do NOT use water or shaving cream! I have been doing powder since 1978, way before manscaping became popular! I give demonstrations at Nudist Gatherings and men love it! So do their partners (male and female)!

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