Must Watch: Telephone The Office Version

Telephone parody

There are hundreds of “Telephone” parodies, but none is as good as this one. Lady Gaga even said herself that this video might be even better than the original. I’m sure many of you can relate to the lyrics. Anyways, I have to get going–“my boss is coming, my boss is coming”. Watch the video and let me know what you think about the parody.

– Andy

To watch the video, follow the JUMP:

18 thoughts on “Must Watch: Telephone The Office Version

  1. O….K… Didn’t care for the original, didn’t care for this one either. Can I have my time back please? LOL

  2. Any metal music videos you willing to post im still sandend by the fact that this is like the music of the gay society….

  3. I would agree partially with you, Damian. Not sure metal would be my choice tho. lol Nah, I do agree with you. Seems so pansy. Did I just say that?!!? Yes, I did!

  4. Im just annoyed that music of our society is music that is just so with out musical ability now before i get jumped at for saying that Gaga can sing i know that but look at the rest of this shit you hear i mean autotune is not a style of singing kids its there for crappy singers like akon who just want to be famous and have no musical talent pick of a guitar lets see what they can really do….

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