Must Watch: Mike Ruiz Is Pretty Masculine

Mike Ruiz has a new book showcasing his photography! It’s called Pretty Masculine and it’s chock full of glamorous hunk, all stylish and slick.

If you’re a fan of Mike’s work, pick it up. He might need the supplemental income now that he’s announced he will not be returning to The A-List: New York. Yes, even some of the cast members are realizing it’s just not worth being blamed for the destruction of any goodwill the planet has towards homosexuals.

– J. Harvey

To watch the promo vid for Mike Ruiz’s 2012 calendar, Follow the JUMP:

24 thoughts on “Must Watch: Mike Ruiz Is Pretty Masculine

  1. I’m a big fan of Mike.  Too bad he’s leaving the show, considering he’s the one sane person on there. 

    Regarding this clip on his book- speeding through the images like this so it looks like manhamburger was a poor choice.  Better to have teased the viewer with a small amount of hot men whom he’s shot… 

    He’s very talented but this really doesn’t  show that very well.

  2. I think Mike is a great photographer, but as a person I find him very full of himself and superficial. No wonder some people think gays are all about appearance.

  3. No, there really aren’t any rules. Clearly you have a set of rules and you are judging Mike by them. You say above that you don’t pretend to know what it means to be masculine. If that’s so, why are you deciding that others aren’t meeting your rules (that you aren’t even aware of) and are therefore not masculine?

  4. But if you don’t know what masculine is, how can you write what it isn’t? Lots of definitions…

  5. Good for him.   I’m sure he did the show thinking it wouldn’t be as sleazy as it was.   Now that he’s leaving, maybe we can see him on his own.     Mike Ruiz is a good role model for the gay community and I wish him well.  

  6. What’s the name of this music? Msg me on my manhunt acct with the answer, please. Midnight40

  7. Mike, you did an excellent job with Betty White. She is one of our few icons that are still entertaining the industry and her fans around the world. Work well done!

  8. Gee… I guess I can cross “watch something on the gay channel” off of my I Feel Guilty list.  When I recently got cable again after many years, I checked out “the gay network” that I had heard so much buzz about, and couldn’t find anything that even remotely intrigued me.  I thought maybe I was being a bad homosexual and they’d take away my gay card… But judging by the article above, it appears others have the same ambivalence about it that I did. Good. I can go back to watching Rachel Maddow and Big Bang Theory now.

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