Manhunt Daily Wood: Joseph Odorisio

I’ve never wanted to be a stool so badly in my life. Wait, that came out wrong. This hunka hunka burning love is Joseph Orodisio. Judging by photographer Rick Day’s pictures of him, his hobbies are sitting around mostly naked, lifting weights, and generally being a sexy motherfucker. Those are good hobbies.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Rick Day

For more pics of Joe, Follow the JUMP:

38 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Joseph Odorisio

  1. The third picture is hot – well, they’re all hot, actually. I can easily see my legs, draped over his V-shaped shoulders, hanging on to his torso for dear life.

    But…where’s the pic of his junk? I wanna see. Such a tease.

  2. The only thing missing was a pic of his cock.  I can only imagine the size of that thing.  He’s a hunk like you said.

  3. JHarvey got it right this time!!! The first pic (red/gray vest jacket)  had me hooked completely. If the “boy next door” looked like this, I’d have to become a voyeur!

  4. Holy crap what a nice guy. He can have me anytime anywhere anyhow!!!!!!!!! Tel him to contact me

  5. oh  man he  looks so good  in  thoase jeans  –   would  i   love  to  open them   with my teeth and very  slowly expose the man.   he is  fucking gorgeous.  i  would say  that  on    a scale of 10 this man is a 20!!!   I  either jerk off   or    i  have a wet dream  tonight and  he  will be  the  vision!!!!

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