Morning Wood

Morning wood:

A morning erection that is naturally caused as the brain enters the REM-deep sleep phase. At this stage, the body’s skeletal muscle structure relaxes and causes hypervasodilation in the capillaries of the body, resulting in said erection.

Good morning!

Good morning, 2016!  It’s the first unconscious erection of a brand new year. Today I’m certain mine was about this dude I’m officially dubbing “my first crush of 2016.” Because I don’t know what his actual name is or what these are from. Behold:



If you have details, share them so I can stalk him online. His ass is hypnotic!


Happy 2016, boys.  Gonna be a good year!




5 thoughts on “Morning Wood

  1. hey, where are the new posts this is still from the 1st and its already the 6th, whats going on here???????????????????

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