Morning Wood: Joe Putignano

Yesterday, we featured a whole bunch of hot fuckers off of Instagram. You guys seemed to like it. You ESPECIALLY seemed to like Joe Putigano. He’s an acrobat by trade with Cirque De Soleil, and is also a model and a bartender. He’s breathtakingly fuckable. So we figured we’d give him his own post. Whoever’s gentials Joe is flipping on, they’re a lucky, lucky person (please be a dude, please be dude).

– Michael Xavier

Excerpts from my Book, The Poet is Dead, release date Summer 2017 "Before the Knife" I can’t distinguish the truth anymore, There’s this bed I sleep in, With this man next to me Yet I feel so alone As if they were just scenery in a place of despair The only love Lays dormant in a garden The surrender of sleep has no authority; And the cleverness of my tears carry the control To have life, To have this life, is a barren sea I float to the top; Aware of how empty it is. His voice, That threatens my existence A volunteer to my irregularity Plays me like a game of unwanted desire The reflection of my pain will soon surface They will bleed together Like wet paint on a canvas Will I be free of this? Will I be this? Shot by the incredible @robertoaraujophotography

A photo posted by Joe Putignano (@joeputignano) on

Leather and skin. Shot by the incredible and handsome @lucasphotosny

A photo posted by Joe Putignano (@joeputignano) on

Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm wicked fuckin pissed today?Shot by the incredible @michaelhallenbeckphoto

A photo posted by Joe Putignano (@joeputignano) on

My typical Boston attitude shot by the amazing @joeeveephotography

A photo posted by Joe Putignano (@joeputignano) on

Bathtime with death?☠? Shot by the incredible, kind, and talented @followfelipe

A photo posted by Joe Putignano (@joeputignano) on

Another Humpday photo, shot by the talented @joeeveephotography

A photo posted by Joe Putignano (@joeputignano) on

2 thoughts on “Morning Wood: Joe Putignano

  1. Dear Michael, if you scroll through Joes posts you’ll have seen him with his muscle daddy fiancé Josh Babigan they’re adorably hot together in fact the Mike Ruiz shot is of them

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