Michael Fassbender Is Naked Again.

Most of us have already seen his penis by now, so the idea of “Michael Fassbender naked” is about as notable as “Marc Dylan getting banged”. Been there, done that! AND YET IT’S STILL SCORCHINGLY HOT!!!!!!! Apologies for the capitalization and overuse of exclamation points. That’s just how excited I get about Michael Fassbender’s ass.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Click through to see some pics of Michael Fassbender naked:

More pics at Arch Noble.

404 thoughts on “Michael Fassbender Is Naked Again.

  1. Nice. I like a 3 photo  spread that shows a very sexy man and leaves a lot to the imagination.

  2. I love love love the jeans coming off shot but what the hell us up with his posture in the last one? Did the photographer say “walk like a cave man”?

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