Flashback Friday: More Hot Rods

More Hot Rods is the sequel to the 1977 Nova porn flick Hot Rods. The titles of these films require very little explanation, since they’re both exactly what they sound like—hot guys stuffing their “hot rods” into one another on/near actual hot rods. Each consists of six erotic vignettes, all of which are explained after the jump.

My personal favorite is the one where a mustachioed cop gets fucked in the back of a pick-up truck. Because, um, hello? Sex with a cop and sex in the back of a pick-up truck? That’s two items I’ve been dying to check off my fucket list!

If you feel the need to see the rest of More Hot Rods after this post, the folks at Bijou World are offering up a digitally-restored DVD over here. It might be worth it! They don’t make porn like this anymore.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bijou World

Click through to watch the trailer for More Hot Rods:

“Roadside Rescue” with Bill Lake and Tim Taylor — A hot stud with a camper and heavy equipment rescues a young fellow whose bike has slipped its chain. The relieved young guy is most appreciative and matches the camper piece for piece and move by move.

“Illegal Entry” with Ron Stevens, Paul Mackie and Chris Dean — A highway patrolman discovers a couple of young farmers getting it on in the back of a pickup. When he demands service, the young studs give to to him — in many ways.

“Fiat Factor” with Eric Svensen and Rick Scott — In a sharp, sporty convertible, there’s never a problem finding a willing companion, but it’s rather special when the pickup is a hitchhiker who’s super anxious to try it all.

“A Clean Machine” with Wes Harding and Don Layman — It’s clean-up-the-van time until a water fight causes a distraction. The disagreement is soon resolved when a fat nine inch hose takes over and cleans up the hole situation.

“Down the Back Road” with Ken Carter and Guy Delys — A beach-bound young surfer hits a detour and finds a handsome hiker asleep on a picnic table. When the hiker awakens, it’s too late to resist and no one would consider it anyway.

“Packard Parts” with Todd Russell and Eric Clement — When you’re searching through a junkyard looking for parts for your little beauty, you’d hardly expect to find these kinds of parts or this kind of beauty — or work with such finely tuned machines.

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11 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: More Hot Rods

  1. Is anyone else really into those high tube socks and shoes?  IDK what it is, but I am popping wood looking at that.  Do they even sell socks like that anymore?

  2. The older video’s remind me when I was young and the only place we could get it on with someone was in the car or out in the woods!
    I swear I had more fun back then having to do that with a guy than in a comfortable bed relaxed and not worrying about getting caught!
    Those were more exciting days and a lot more spontaneity.

  3. I’m sure these guys who are now in their 60s are thrilled about the re-release! 

    40 years and millions of porn videos later, sex and porn hasn’t changed.

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