Men Over 30 X2 = Men Over 60!

No wait. Double check that math.
That sounds wrong.


There’s something about this site that keeps pulling me in even when it’s not like the BEST best. I just have a thing for watching like full-grown adults fucking, because it’s just better than watching super young dudes doing it. Grown up men know what they’re doing and they’re hairy and masculine and it’s just more fun to see them bone!

To that end, here’s two of Men Over 30‘s newest scenes (featuring known locker room pervert, Tommy DeLuca):

Maintenance Fuckers

With Alessio Romero and Luke Ewing




Alessio has been taking the heat from the higher ups about inventory control. Luke hasn’t been doing his job to full capacity and now Alessio’s job is on the line. Luke isn’t sure what he has done but reassures Alessio that he will try harder and he does just that as he gets down on his knees to service Alessio’s waiting cock. Luke is sucking that cock like his job depends on it (because it does) and Alessio is taking full advantage of the situation.


Now… that seems like a lot more story than they managed to convey in that clip, but I’m still into the way Alessio gets down. That guy is exactly who I’m hoping I’ll run into in the steam room.


Ten Tantilizing Inches

With Tritt Tyler and Tommy DeLuca




Trit is enjoying a nice warm shower when Tommy comes into the locker room and sees him butt naked with all the water dripping down his body. He can’t keep his eyes off of him now so he begins to rub his cock and pulls it out while Trit has his back to him. Tommy is stroking his big fat dick while looking at that bubble butt.


SOMEBODY NEEDS TO REPORT TOMMY TO THIS GYM! He keeps masturbating in the locker room! Also, Tommy’s Tourette’s-style sex talk is hilarious at first and then dissolves into being legitimately hot. I don’t know how he does it. I counted 72 different “fuck!”s in the full version of this scene.



Older dudes are just what you need sometimes.


– tyler


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