Matt Bomer Could Play Bradley Cooper’s Love Interest in His Next Film

Two hunks are better than one!

One of Ryan Murphy’s (and our) favorite actors, Matt Bomer is in talks to join Bradley Cooper‘s upcoming Netflix Leonard Bernstein movie Maestro.

Bernstein is one of the greatest composers in American history, with seven Emmys, two Tonys, sixteen Grammys, and a Kennedy Center Honor. He wrote the music for West Side Story, the score for On the Waterfront, and many others.

He was also an outspoken activist who was accused of being a communist during the blacklist era and was also outspoken on civil rights issues and ending the Vietnam War.

While he married actress Felicia Cohn Montealegre in 1951, and according to all reports loved her very much, Bernstein was gay. He left his wife for a short period in 1976 after he could no longer conceal his sexuality. During this time he lived with the musical director of a classical music radio station in San Francisco, Tom Cothran. Bernstein moved back in with his wife to take care of her when she was diagnosed with cancer until she died in 1978.

Carey Mulligan is set to play Bernstein’s wife in the film, and while we don’t know who Bomer is playing, it would make sense for him to play Cothran or another male lover of Bernstein’s. The pair of hunky actors would make quite the onscreen couple!

The film, Cooper’s directorial followup to A Star Is Born, is set to span 30 years in the composer’s life, telling the “beautifully complex” story of the marriage between Bernstein and his wife.

Bomer is currently starring in HBO Max’s off-kilter superhero show Doom Patrol and is a regular in Ryan Murphy projects like American Horror StoryThe Normal Heart, and The Boys in the Band. He’s also starred in the Magic Mike movies and has won a Golden Globe and been nominated for an Emmy.

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