Mason Wyler is Just Trying to Push My Buttons Now

Don't think that I don't see what you're up to Mr. Mason Wyler. Now that you have some free time on your hands, it seems like you've been churning out intentionally controversial blog posts in hopes that blogs like this one will write about you. Luckily, it's working for you. Unfortunately, you've become so annoying that seeing you take it up the butt has somehow become less enjoyable.
One post finds Wyler suggesting that gay clubs bar females from entering. He writes, "You have a vagina? Great, nobody here wants it. Please go away and be a frothing whore elsewhere. Seriously, stop feeling up our go-go boys, stop clogging up our dance floors, and stop holding up our bartenders…AND FAGGOTS, STOP BRINGING YOUR HAGS TO THE GAY BARS. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU MAKING OUT WITH A CHICK OR GRINDING YOUR ASS ON HER VAGINA."
Um, I will grind my ass on as many vaginas as I want to, thank you very much. And should he really be talking about frothing whores given his own reputation?
Another post cites that "Gay Marriage Is NOT That Important", including such gems as, "Gay marriage should be at the bottom of the list of things that get our community's panties in a knot…Gaining marriage rights doesn't give us equality."
I'm too infuriated to continue writing about this guy, and am dangerously close to just calling him a "dumb bitch" and running away. But I'm better than that, I swear.
– Dewitt

18 thoughts on “Mason Wyler is Just Trying to Push My Buttons Now

  1. You shouldn’t swear, Dewitt, it’s fucking rude.
    Oh well. The boy’s opinions about marriage are unfortunate, but certainly not unique in the gay community. As someone said on another post, why do we care so much? Are porn stars suddenly our gay community role models?
    Especially the stupid ones. While I can certainly agree with him about the behaviors I don’t want to see out at the club, there is a right to freedom of expression in this country, and what kind of asinine idea is it to try to ban women? Does that include lesbians, Mason? Do you not have any women friends who you would like to go out drinking with?

  2. Oh,
    I have to agree, in part, with Mr. Wyler. The ratio of females to males at gay bars is becoming intolerable. Furthermore, a gay bar is not somewhere to go to gawk at a gay men and gay culture. Keep the girls out!

  3. Thats his opinion, and hardly anything so shocking that he would deserve a post about him or his rantings to be honest.

  4. whats up with you bro…..did he he turn you down?…..or was your credit card declined?…hes a porn star…the say strang things every day on there blogs….but you seem to only be concerned with what he has to say…..thers alot more offensive out there……my advice…..go to the atm…get cash…fuck him…and move on ……

  5. Please.. hes a fucking porn star… Like he has any influence on the community.. or thinks of the community of anything other than a huge cock fest. Douche!

  6. porn stars and models are smart enough to talk intelligently about what they have to say.

  7. I have to agree with you Dewitt, this guy has some serious issues.
    I dont know maybe its cuz i never really have been to a gay bar but I love dancing with women, straight and gay. I kinda love dancing in general but its fun. They at least wont grow a boner when all your doing is trying to dance. Plus you can play around with their boobs! Who doesnt love to play around with squishy things?
    As for the gay marriage comments, he is absolutely correct to say that there are more things that we need to focus on besides marriage. For instance the right to be able to adopt is still illegal far gays in some states (unless im wrong and that has changed recently in which case everyone has the right to bitchslap me) Now to say that it is “at the bottom of the list” or whatever is kinda going into the place that we dont want people to go.
    I dont usually call people out on negative things but jeffery thats a little mean. This is something that Dewitt feels strongly about you shouldnt downplay it so much.
    As for him being a pornographic model, he can seriously influence people. Just like any model, actor, or actress can influence people.

  8. Stop giving him publicity…Stop reading his blog…It’s not like there are 1,000’s of porn stars who are much hotter than he is…If you keep giving him attention he’ll continue to spew ignorant comments.

  9. so he’s a dumb bitch because he doesnt share your opinion… i agree with the girls in gay bars, we’re there to meet man and not be cockblocked by these frothy whores.

  10. See I’m split here. I find Wyler’s comments about women offensive to the extreme. Let’s see, Mason, if we’d kicked women out of Stonewall, that riot would have been a lot more successful. And where exactly would we have been during the worst of the AIDS years without our faithful hags and our dyke sisters? And do you know that gay liberation only happened because something called feminism happened first?
    At the same time, I think gay marriage is a step backward. Maybe it is the key to equality, but the radical roots of gay liberation were never about equality–they were about overturning regimes of gender and sexual conscription that didn’t work for anybody. To fight for gay marriage is to get sucked into a conservative vision of what queer life can be. (And I’d like to think the boys of Manhunt would understand that.)

  11. i kinda believe that about marriage. i mean i would love to get married but i would love more to have my job give me security by offering protection for a sexual orientation based offense. also i always had a theory, you hear those talk about marriage is made for only a man and woman…well why can we not make a “marriage” that is made for man/man and woman/woman and have it recognized? instead of fighting people for something like that, invent something else. i mean could they bitch about what we created for ourselves as being a slap in the face to god and what he created for man and woman? i just think if people would stop fighting and think a little bit more. slow it down and find that way around everything it would be much better. but, i do know they are trying very hard and someone out there is thinking the way i am. so yeah lol.

  12. 1 – Women in Bars: I agree. While I will not fault the guy who brings his “hag” to go dance. Actually, I love to hang out with hags at a bar – but never have had a one of my own that will go to the bar with me. But, I think the issue is more about str8 women who come in mass (either by themselves or with a single guy). For example, a great bar here in LA is the Abbey. But i refuse to go there now. A couple times over the years, I have literally sat next to a table of str8 women whose attitude is: “what a cool hip place to be to party with the gays”. I am there to have fun/relax. I am not there to be considered by some str8 girl as a fu*king “zoo” exhibit. I am not there for her to tell her friends how she went to a gay bar for a saturday night. Or the fu*king worse is the “bachelorette party” – all str8 women who just think it is “cool” to go to a gay bar to hit on men they can not have anyway. How fu*king lame are they. Gay bars are gay bars…keep the women out, I agree.
    2 – Marriage…I disagree with him. Marriage will solve a lot of issues that face gays/lesbians. but I kinda see his point…i mean do we want to only focus on marriage – so couples have hospital visitation rights, tax breaks, etc. but, miss that G/L community is discriminated against in jobs, housing, the military? it is about priorities.

  13. Well, the women are prolly there so they dont get hit on the entire time or like dance raped. I know personally that they arent to look at us like specimens to be dissected or anything. They are usually there so that they can get a break of being chased after and hit on….do you guys/girls not watch “how i met your mother”? NPH is in it so idk why you wouldnt

  14. I agree with Brad regarding women in bars; I don’t have a problem if they’re lesbians, but straight girls dragging their boyfriends with them is a turnoff. As a stripper, it’s even worse: they don’t tip and they ignore your act. We don’t go to your bars, so please stay out of ours.

  15. Dewitt, It appears you are obsession with Wyler. These are his opinions just as what you post are yours, is this not the purpose of blogs to post opinions? Further, you can stop visiting a blog when you find thier opinions are not which you believe, why not stop viewing his blog? You BOTH make good points on several topics, perhaps you are both right and both wrong!

  16. I’m agreeing with Wyler. I just don’t agree with wording, but it is not like he is on a news site or anything like that. I had this SAME complaint for the last year about my local gay club here in Oklahoma. Too many sorority chicks and I refuse to take girls up thre with me as much as they beg me. They want me to stick with them and dance with them, but the whole time I’m just wanting to ditch them and go towards that guy thats looking my way. “OMG! You’re gay?! Let’s go to (insert local gay bar’s name here.) I love gay guys! You wanna go to the mall!? We just have to go shopping!” umm… no.

  17. I lean toward agreeing with Wyler. The chicks do overpopulate the gay bars and recently my favorite gay club started having a ladies night. Where are my fuckin free drinks? It’ a gay club, I already get shunned by everywhere else, but now my gay club too? As far as gay marriage goes, I think the economy is a little more important.

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