Marvel Cancelled Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Featuring Bisexual Star-Lord

According to reports, Marvel‘s comic division has abruptly canceled its latest Guardians of the Galaxy series which made headlines late last year after it was confirmed that Peter Quill — better known to the world as Star-Lord — is both bisexual and polyamorous.

Made famous in the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe movies by actor and Zoe Church attendee Chris Pratt, Star-Lord is one of Marvel’s more beloved and popular characters, and having him explicitly be a part of the LGBTQ+ community was a big step forward in the right direction when it came to representation in mainstream comic book media. 

But it looks like that representation has come to an end with the news of the latest Guardians of the Galaxy cancellation. 

“The End! Thanks for everything — and see you at Gosnell’s!” reports the final page of the series’ (helmed by writers Al Ewing and Juann Frigeri) 18th and final issue reads. 

But believe it or not, though, this isn’t the first time a queer-inclusive Guardians-related title has been nixed.

When news broke out last December that Star-Lord was, in fact, going to be bi in the GOTG comic series, artist and character designer Kris Anka took to Twitter to reveal to fans that there were plans to give Star-Lord a boyfriend in 2017’s Star-Lord: Grounded series, but those plans never came to fruition before the comic series was canceled after only six issues. (And we’re not talking just any boyfriend, either. He was supposed to have a sexy, purple alien daddy by his side!) 

“So back when @zdarsky and I were doing Star-Lord, if the series had gone long enough we actually developed and designed a character we were gonna try to make a love interest for Peter,” Anka (who illustrated the Grounded series alongside writer Chip Zdarsky) wrote in a now-deleted tweet, sharing the unnamed (but hunky) character’s design art.

While there hasn’t been an announcement just yet about what’s next for the Guardians of the Galaxy in the pages of comics, we hope it returns in some capacity, with Star-Lord coming back with bisexuality still confirmed and canon. It would be a big loss for LGBTQ+ nerds everywhere if he didn’t!


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