Manuel Skye Is Obviously Feeling Skyy Knox In His Fuck-Friendly, Assless Singlet

Sky(e) High! This Skyy has no limit! Ugh, how much more can I embarrass myself by admitting I couldn’t come up with an effective pun using “sky” in this post title? Moving on – Manuel Skye and Skyy Knox hook up during some sort of undercover stripper investigation. Sky Knoxx drops his sweats to reveal he’s yoked his glorious ass in a buttless singlet.

God, I love those. I didn’t love when a fairly dominant dude made ME wear one (I’m self-conscious about my butt) but they look so naughty-hot on other dudes. They’re so touch-friendly. They’re so rimjob-friendly.

And they’re completely fuck-friendly.

Manuel takes note and DICKS HIM DOWN. There’s more below, and you can watch the entire scene here.

Michael Xavier

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